Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research encompasses an entire spectrum of faculty- and graduate student- mentored research, scholarship, and creative activities. The goal is to establish a University infrastructure to make undergraduate research an integral part of the Kent State University experience to better prepare students for graduate and professional opportunities that make for an enriching educational experience. Engaging in research or working on a creative activity as an undergraduate student is a fantastic way to work closely with prominent faculty members and researchers, learn more about an area of interest, apply classroom knowledge, and expand skills while building your professional resume. Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities describe collaborations between students and faculty members in the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is inquiry into an area or investigation that allows an undergraduate student to make a unique contribution (intellectual, original, or creative) to their field. This contribution can be in the form of new knowledge, interpretation of knowledge, or artistic/creative performance. 

Kent State offers many opportunities for students to participate in research. In 2014, more than 140 undergraduates presented at Kent State’s first Undergraduate Symposium on Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity.