FABulously Improving the College Experience

The Flash Activities Board (FAB) organizes more than 100 events for Kent State University’s students throughout the academic year.  

FAB plans exciting new events each semester, from trivia, karaoke, bingo, and movie nights to large-scale festivals. The student organization also hosts annual events, but the group changes the concept each year to keep students interested. 

Two members of FAB's executive team with a Black Squirrel mascot in Kent State's clothing.

FAB’s Instagram account is the best resource for students to know which and when events will occur. Their social media posts include the necessary details about the events, such as what the giveaways might be, the food that might be provided, the location, and more.

“We have such a wide range of events that students are bound to find something they are interested in,” said Jillian Mt.Castle, president of FAB. “[Students will be] surprised by the experience they can have and the friends they can make while they are there.” 

In the fall, Mt.Castle and Ariyanna Robb, vice president of FAB, provided oversight for the annual large-scale events such as the Black Squirrel Festival, FlashBash, Fall Fest, Battle of the Bands, and WinterBlast. In the spring, they will oversee the Spring Fling and the Come Be My Valentine, which occur annually. 

The organization also holds midday events so students can grab something to eat on their way to classes or participate in a fun activity. 

“Being able to take a break from your classes, enjoy something with your friends, or meet new friends is really special,” Mt.Castle said. “FAB creates unique experiences to being a Golden Flash, and I think it improves the college experience, which is what we’re here for.” 

Robb mentioned that one of FAB’s best aspects is the experience they can give students who believe they do not have the opportunities to participate in campus activities. “They can do so many things, get so many giveaways, so much free stuff, and get a good college experience out of our events,” Robb said. 

Mt.Castle oversees a team of seven student workers comprising three directors and four event staff. The director of FAB Tuesdays, the director of Entertainment, and the director of Late-Night Events are responsible for producing their events section. 

FAB's team outside the Kent Student Center with 41st Annual Black Squirrel Festival's t-shirt.

“I make sure that we’re doing our best to market [the events] to students to reach more of them to come to our events,” Mt.Castle said. 

FAB’s current team includes: 

  • Mt.Castle, president; 
  • Robb, vice president; 
  • Madalynn Wagner, director of FAB Tuesdays; 
  • Clara Hubbard, director of Entertainment; 
  • Ana Hasselbusch, director of Late-Night Events; 
  • Lucille Schneider, event staff; 
  • Hannah Piatt, event staff; 
  • Nicole Cross, event staff; 
  • Kyralin Kramp, event staff; 
  • Joe Robinson, advisor. 

“You can tell that we all enjoy spending time with each other,” said Wagner, director of FAB Tuesdays. “We created a community among FAB.” 

There will be six open positions on FAB’s executive board for the 2024-25 academic year, and applications will open around March 2024. 

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 03:52 PM
Updated: Thursday, November 16, 2023 11:47 AM
Eduardo Strobel