Peer Success Academy - Community, Critical Skills, Belonging

What is the P.E.E.R. Success Academy?

The P.E.E.R. Success Academy is a 2-credit hour course designed to train students to cultivate and nurture critical skills. This course serves as a foundation for peer educator and peer leader positions across Kent State University.

P.E.E.R. is an acronym that stands for Peer Experiential Education and Reflection, and these components embody what this course is all about! The course is led by two undergraduate Peer Success Trainers who guide students through immersive and dynamic experiential learning that allows them to create peer-to-peer relationships and cultivate skill development.

In each class session, students will engage in reflective learning with their peers that will allow them to assess their potential, skill development, and performance throughout the course. Overall, this course is underpinned on a commitment to provide prospective peer educators and leaders with an inclusive and equitable pathway to success.

How to Register 

The P.E.E.R. Model

Peer education is a high impact practice that contributes to students’ sense of belonging and engagement. The P.E.E.R. Success Academy is uniquely structured in that each section of the course is co-led by two undergraduate Peer Success Trainers.

The P.E.E.R. Success Academy offers students a learning experience that is interactive and collaborative. The course curriculum is designed to be hands on, immersing students in skill development with content pertaining to mentorship, leadership, group dynamics, personal strengths, problem solving, value free advice, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, emotional intelligence, conflict management and self-wellness.

The education that students gain will span beyond their in-classroom learning experiences. In addition to the academy’s course curriculum, students will also receive supplemental education from campus partners across the university in the form of workshops, institutes, and sessions. Providing these options to students will ensure that course content is reinforced, and that students gain exposure to various offices, departments and professionals across the university landscape. To provide these educational experiences, our office collaborates with the following university departments/offices: The E. Timothy Moore Student Multicultural Center, Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services, Kent State Leadership Center, Career Exploration and Development, LGBTQ+ Center, Kent State of Well-Being, Women’s Center, Academic Success Center, and Community Engaged Learning.

No matter the lesson or workshop the P.E.E.R. Success Academy provides the opportunity for students to participate in reflective discussions and conversations. At the conclusion of each activity, students are led through verbal processing discussions that allow them to cultivate critical skill awareness and development. In these discussions, students learn from one another and strengthen their ability to communicate and connect with members of their community. By conversing with peers from various backgrounds, students are able to build connections across both similarities and differences. Having thoughtful and reflective discussions provides students with a foundational skillset they will use in peer educator roles at Kent State University and in professional and personal roles after graduation. 

Why Take the P.E.E.R. Success Academy?

Cultivate Critical Skills

Peer Mentor Techniques and Competencies
Interpersonal Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management
Conflict Resolution
Group Dynamics
Personal & Social Identities
Presentation & Facilitation

Build Community and Find Belonging
  • The P.E.E.R. Success Academy is open to all students regardless of class standing or major.
  • In the P.E.E.R. Success Academy, you will have the opportunity to build a close-knit peer network with students from various backgrounds and experiences.
  • This course is structured differently than a traditional lecture or seminar style course. Students guide learning through discussions and reflections with one another.
Become Eligible for On-Campus Roles & Positions

The P.E.E.R. Success Academy course partners with stakeholders across campus and completing the PSA is highly encouraged or a requirement to hold peer educator and peer leader positions on campus.

Completing UC20201 allows students to gain position eligibility for various peer educator and leadership roles across campus. These include but are not limited to:  

  • Flashes 101: Peer Success Mentor - Required
  • Resident Assistant – Required
  • Orientation Leader – Required
  • Academic Coach – Required
  • Provost’s Leadership Academy Mentor – Required
  • Exploratory Mentor – Required
  • Kupita/Transiciones Mentor
  • Service Leader
  • Community Partner Advocate
  • Tutor or Supplemental Instructor
  • Career Peer
  • Student Leadership Consultant
  • Kent State of Well-being Peer Educator
  • Tour Guide
  • Undergraduate Student Government Member
  • Flash Activities Board Director & Event Staff

How to Register

You can select and register for a section of the P.E.E.R. Success Academy in Flashline.

Campus: Kent Campus (KC)
Subject: University College (UC)
Course Number: 20201

Important Information:

  • Multiple sections available
  • All majors and class standings are welcome!
  • UC 20201 is only offered in the Spring Semester

If you have questions about adding P.E.E.R. Success Academy to your spring semester course schedule, contact your academic advisor for help.