Transfer Students


Transitions teach us about ourselves. In the School of Communication Studies, we see transitions in college as a good thing. If you’re thinking about changing your major, look no further – COMM is a place that you can call home.

COMM is a flexible major that allows you to customize your degree to your interests and career goals. Students can finish the bulk of the major coursework in 3-4 semesters, and with many of our courses online, COMM can fit into your existing schedule, and help you graduate on time.

A degree in communication studies will give you skills and knowledge for a career in almost any field – in international organizations, businesses and corporations of all shapes and sizes, the health industry, media and more.

Join our COMMunity

Jump in. There’s something here for everyone, from our six undergraduate communication major concentrations to lots of friendly people, including approachable faculty and staff who want you to succeed and even finish ahead of the game.

COMMunicate with us

Schedule a meeting with one of our in-house Academic Advisors to find out how you can finish your degree and make the switch to COMM headache-free. Or, stop by Room 135 Taylor Hall to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

Find out more about our undergraduate concentrations in applied, global, health, interpersonal, organizational or public communication.

Steps to Change your Major to COMM:

  1. Make an appointment online with a COMM advisor.
  2. If you’re a transfer student from another university, bring syllabi from transfer courses to the appointment.
  3. At the appointment, your advisor will explain the process of declaring the Communication Studies major, how many classes you have left, what courses to schedule next, etc.

Want to learn more? Download a brochure for each undergraduate concentration