How To Crush Your Finals

Finals week is right around the corner, but there is no need to fear. Super Flash is here to help you prepare for all of your exams and projects while successfully managing your stress.  

Take a look at this recent video for a breakdown of how to crush your finals! 

  • Don’t multitask. Practice your time management skills by focusing on studying and completing assignments one at a time. Also be sure you are taking adequate breaks to avoid feelings of burnout or becoming overwhelmed. Did you know that breaking up your study sessions will help with long-term memorization? 

  • Try different study methods. You can self-test with notecards or join a study group to study with other students. You can also utilize the Academic Success Center for tutoring. Experiment with the different methods to see which works best for you. 

  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated. While you may be tempted to reach for more caffeine, be sure you are nourishing your body with healthy snacks and plenty of water. 

  • Relax and make time for fun! Take a deep breath, catch up with friends and spend some time outdoors. You can do it! 

  • Get your rest. It may be tempting to pull all-nighters or stay up late, but your brain and body both need adequate sleep. 

For more tips and tricks to have a successful finals week, check out this advice from experts featured in Kent State Magazine. Or, read on for tips curated from the Academic Success Center



Curious what kind of prep went into creating this video with our friend Super Flash? Here is the inside scoop. 

First, we collected tips for studying success from the Academic Success Center and Kent State Magazine

A special thank you to the Resident and Culinary Services team for their help securing locations for filming and Super Flash for saving the day once again. 

Good luck on your finals, Flashes! 


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POSTED: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 2:20pm
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