Crisis Intervention

In the event of an emergency or urgent situation, there are a number of crisis intervention resources available to Kent State University faculty, staff and students, both through Kent State University and in the communities surrounding the eight campuses.

Women’s Center

Staff are available to provide support, resources and referrals to students, faculty and staff around women's health, academic issues and personal issues. Although we may not always be able to provide all you need, we will work with you to help you connect to the appropriate community and campus resources. We know that it can often be the “other things” that get in the way of your ability to be successful in the classroom or your work environment. We are committed to helping you get back on track.

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Additional Support is offered through the following campus resources

Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS)

The Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS , pronounced “serves”) provides support for anyone who has or knows someone who has experienced power-based personal violence (such as sexual assault, intimate partner/relationship violence and stalking) in the form of access to resources, support when participating in a criminal or conduct process and navigating support within the campus community.

Phone: 330-672-8016

KSU Police Services

  • Emergency Phone: 911
  • Non-emergency Phone: 330-672-2212

University Health Services

  • Healthy References: Campus and Community Resources
  • Phone: 330-672-2322
  • 24-hour Nurse Line: 330-672-2326

The Women’s Clinic has experienced staff committed to working with you regarding your health. They believe health involves not only physical, but emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Schedule an appointment on their website or by calling 330-672-8264.

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Students contact Counseling and Psychological Services for a variety of reasons, but typical concerns include: academic difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, questions regarding sexuality, feelings of loneliness, lack of self confidence, interpersonal difficulties, and eating disorders.
  • Phone: 330-672-2487

Counseling and Human Development Center

  • Provides personal counseling and human development services to members of the Kent State University community (KSU students, faculty, staff, and family members), and to non-KSU area residents.
  • Phone: 330-672-2208

Psychological Clinic

  • Services are provided by master’s and doctoral students under the close supervision of clinical faculty members who are licensed psychologists.
  • Phone: 330-672-2372

Residence Services

  • Residence Services staff can assist students with issues or concerns regarding on-campus housing.
  • Phone: 330-672-7000

Step Up Speak Out

Kent State University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our campus community. When it comes to individuals in emotional distress, or those who may exhibit disruptive behavior, it is important to step up and speak out.  Learn more about the Step Up Speak Out initiative, contact the Dean of Students at 330-672-4050.