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Talent development programs may be taken individually to develop a particular competency or in combination with other programs to earn a certificate. Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development can also work with you to tailor any program and deliver it onsite for your employee group.

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Standardized Work and Continuous Flow

Standardized Work is essential to achieving and sustaining Lean processes. Standardized Work is a people focused tool designed to document current best practices in order to establish a repeatable and predictable baseline for continual improvement. Read More About This Program

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Participants will gain basic training regarding the use of statistical methods in order to assure consistent quality of a manufactured product or service. Read More About This Program

Strategies for Leading the Multigenerational Team

Today’s workplace is affected by six generational mindsets. Each generation offers diverse assets to any organization.  Read More About This Program

Talent Development and Succession Planning

In this session, the facilitator will introduce the general concepts of succession planning as well as the techniques, processes and tools used to build and maintain a sufficient successor pipeline across the enterprise. In addition to a discussion on succession planning, the facilitator will provide participants with an overview of the types of tools used to conduct a succession planning activity, the general timeline that should be dedicated to the event and how to effectively deploy the tools to collect and analyze data. Finally, the session will end with a review of how to set up and conduct a Talent Round Table resulting in the completed succession plan with potential successors and readiness time lines identified, as well as “not ready now” candidates identified for development planning sessions. Read More About This Program

Team Facilitation

As organizations continue to function within team structures, it is important for those who serve as team leaders to have the necessary skills to facilitate teams effectively. In this program, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to set meeting agendas that drive team meetings forward and assure that all team members actively participate. Participants will learn to plan for effective team actions and encourage team members to communicate clearly and directly. Read More About This Program