Supervision and Management Fundamentals Certificate

To earn Kent State’s Supervision and Management Fundamentals Certificate, complete the four required core programs below, plus any two of the electives listed below:

Making Great Decisions

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This program qualifies as one of the electives to earn either the Fundamentals or Advanced Supervision and Management Certificate.

When was the last time you or your team sat down and evaluated the lessons learned from either a great decision or a bad decision? Managers, employees and teams are constantly making and implementing decisions, but few examine the process and assess the quality of their decisions. In today's business environment, the impact of a poorly made decision can be costly. On the other hand, a great decision can produce results that will move an organization forward. This program focuses on helping you learn and apply a proven process for making effective decisions utilizing group exercises, movie clips, real-world examples and a team case study to analyze and improve decision-making skills.

  • Four Styles of Decision Making and When to Use Them
  • Six Important Elements of an Effective Decision Making Process
  • The Role of Intuition in Making Decisions
  • How to Better Manage Participative Decision Making Processes
  • Tools and Techniques that Facilitate Decision Making
  • Determine the Return on a Decision
  • How to Recognize and Avoid Common Pitfalls in Decision Making

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Phil Kim Phil Kim

Philip Kim, D.Sc., is an educator, speaker, and management consultant. His passion is to use his knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their life’s goals.

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"Excellent breakdown on the decision-making process."

Amber Reshetar, Quality Administrative Coordinator, A. Schulman Inc.

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