How do I approve a PO invoice?

There are two methods of approval that are acceptable:

  1. You may physically sign a hard copy of a PO invoice and then attach it to your email submission, OR
  2. You may indicate that a PO invoice is "okay to pay" within the body of the email that is sent to
    • NOTE: If an international wire is required as payment method, a wire request form is required regardless of whether a PO has been assigned. 

If you choose to use the second method (approval via email), you must follow the instructions below. These instructions have been developed to ensure that the approvals meet audit standards and allow AP to efficiently review and process payments. Deviating from these standards will result in your request being returned to you, unpaid.

Instructions:  Attach the invoice to an email that contains this information in the following format:

  • Vendor :          Name of Vendor (legal or dba name, not initials or nickname)
  • Banner ID:      Vendor ID as it appears in PaymentWorks and Banner
  • Invoice #:        Invoice number (or service date when no invoice.)
  • PO #:                 PO number that follows the format P0012345. Anything that does not follow that format is not a PO that we can key against.
  • Amount:          Total dollar amount on invoice
  • Initiator:           Name of the person who sending the email (and thus indicating that the invoice is "okay to pay")