The glass shop is located in the Center for the Visual Arts, room 207. The 8628 square foot complex includes a spacious, window lined common work area and hot shop, 600 square foot cold shop, a large kiln room, secure spacious graduate studios, individual undergraduate major work areas, and a designated plaster room. The shop includes two glass blowing stations fed off one furnace, multiple casting ovens, and a well equipped finishing area.

Hot Shop

2 350 lb. Capacity invested crucible furnaces

1 100 lb. Color melting invested crucible furnace

2 IFB glory holes


Glass blowing hand tools

Sandbox Casting ladles and tools

15 Ovens for casting, annealing fusing and slumping

Cold Shop

2 30" lap wheels

1 18" lap wheel

2 water cooled diamond saws (14",10")

1 20" oil cooled diamond saw (self feed)

Diamond band saw

Wet belt sander

Merker lathe w/assorted diamond wheels and stones

Drill press

Pumice and Cerium polishing wheels

Pneumatic grinders

2 24" Rociprolaps®

2 Sand blast cabinets

Flame Shop

1 Carlisle bench torch

6 Minor bench torches

4 National hand torches

1 Bethlehem Lab Lathe

1 Litton Engineering lab lathe 


Oxy/Acetylene rig (cutting, welding, heating)

MIG Welder

Vertical Metal band saw

Horizontal Metal band saw

Wood band saw

Compound miter saw

Milling/Drilling machine

Metal Lathe

Misc. hand tools