Emerging Leaders

Our Values: The Foundation of Great Leadership

POSTED: Dec. 09, 2016

Core Values SignWhat is it about someone that makes them a great leader? Is it their status, outgoing personality, likeability, relatability, vision, ability to create a great strategy and execute it? I’ve always been interested in the subject of leadership and what makes some people so good at it, while others (despite all the classes they take, books they read or coaching they receive) are not. As an avid reader on the topic and observer of others, I find that the foundation of great leadership is self-awareness. 

Use These 9 Tactics to Effectively Influence Others

POSTED: Nov. 02, 2016

Program ParticipantDo you ever wish people would just do what you asked and that you could get people to follow through on their part of the project? Maybe you wish you could get your point across better, or perhaps you have trouble saying no? The solution to all of these situations is learning how to influence others well.

Gen Y, Millennials and Gen Z: Do You Know the Difference?

POSTED: Oct. 19, 2016

Program ParticipantsBy now you have probably heard something about generational differences. The information is everywhere: magazine articles, news media, Internet blogs and corporate training programs. There are research institutions who are devoting entire divisions to studying the Millennial generation. There is even a TV show titled “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” The question now is not whether you have heard about generational differences. The question is “What have you heard?”