Alumni Spotlight

Nick Belluardo, '15

Degree: Air Traffic Control, BS and Aviation Management, BS
Job Title: Planning Manager
Employer: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
City: Cleveland, OH

CAE Alumni, Nick Belluardo


Nick was recently named the 2018 Outstanding New Professional by the Kent State Alumni Association.

“Like many students, I came into Kent State with certainty. I thought I knew precisely what I wanted. I was on a war path to become an air traffic controller, but like all students at Kent State, your curriculum exposes you to areas well beyond your focus. It introduces you to all areas of the field and opens your eyes to the right opportunity that exists,” Mr. Belluardo says.  

In a moment of clarity, which also happened to be in the middle of a difficult air traffic control simulation, Mr. Belluardo realized that being an air traffic controller wasn’t exactly where his heart was. After meeting with his professors, he did a turn towards aviation management and found his purpose, earning his duel bachelor’s degree in Air Traffic Control and Aviation Management. 

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