Bot Bunker 

The Bot Bunker is CAE’s foundation of automation supporting key research areas in humanoid robots, AI systems, and autonomous mechatronic systems for industry and medicine.

The Advanced Medical Robot Lab is dedicated to exploring advanced robots for medical applications. With a strong motivation to provide better medical care to people suffering from illness, save people's lives in critical situations, ease mobility-impaired people's daily lives, and simplify medical doctors' work, this lab is focused on mechanical design, electronic control, sensing and vision of medical robots.

The Cognitive Robotics and AI Lab aims to conduct cutting-edge cognitive robotics research, designing the robot “Mind,” cognitive models based on AI algorithms and theory in cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience of robotic and AI systems, for seamless cooperation with humans.

The Industrial Robotics Lab is a recognized FANUC Authorized Certified Education Training Facility ensuring rigorous and industry-relevant training for students enrolled in academic programs as well as industry professionals. FANUC certified professors conduct all training and are committed to providing the best learning experience.

The Mechatronics Lab serves as a classroom for electricity/electronics courses, programmable logic controller courses, and mechatronics capstone courses. The lab houses state-of-the-industry equipment for multiple engineering and engineering technology programs, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, and power supplies.

The Rockwell Automation Advanced Mechatronics Lab is a classroom lab that includes logic controllers, analog and digital IO modules, control systems, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), motor controllers, and analog/digital trainers.