ACCE Required Public Information

Our Mission is to prepare students for professional careers in the management of construction projects and companies through education, experiential learning, and research in various and distinctive arenas of the construction industry, in regionally, nationally and globally diverse settings.

Our Vision is to create and maintain an organization of highly skilled faculty members, and staff, housed in a world-class facility, while serving our Students’ needs, and driving innovation within the industry through the utilization of exceptional knowledge and dedication to research and continuous improvement. This will ultimately differentiate ours as the program of choice to those seeking a high quality, well-rounded, focused educational experience.

Kent State University Construction Management is accredited by ACCE. 

Construction Management Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Produce graduates who understand and have demonstrated competence in   construction management practices and procedures.
  • Produce graduates who develop innovative solutions to problems encountered in the construction management profession.
  • Produce graduates that will be lifelong learners and contributors to the construction industry by understanding that constantly changing technology requires continual updating of knowledge and skills.
  • Produce graduates that have the desire and skillsets to support the growth of future construction professionals both in academic and professional settings.

Construction Management Program Strategic Goals (By 2022)

  • Increase six year graduation rate by 5% or to 70%
  • Increase retention rate to 80%
  • Have 10 endowed scholarships ($25,000)
  • Have an enrollment of 30 graduate students
  • Have an enrollment of 350 undergraduates
  • Have $1,000,000 in funded research
  • Have 7 faculty members
  • Have 2 international study abroad and global partnerships
  • Create a plan/have $120,000 annually for marketing
  • Faculty participate in two (2) professional development events annually

Admissions and Enrollment

Standards for the admission of technology, management and applied engineering students are identical to the applicable standards for other majors at Kent State University:

Admission - Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Freshman Application, Instructions and Admission Requirements

All transfer students whether internal or external will meet with our CAED advisors and also with the CMGT director and/or faculty to determine what and where their transfer courses will fit into our CMGT program curriculum.

Undergraduate Transfer Student Application, Instructions, and Admission Requirements
Undergraduate Transfer, Transitioning and Former Students Admission Policy and Transfer Credit Information