Application Timetable and Checklist

Well in advance (16-24 months) of your intended start date

  • Thoroughly research programs available in your desired field of study.
  • Visit the campus and speak to students in your program of interest.

Summer/Early Fall (13-16 months prior to start date)

  • Meet with faculty members to discuss programs and your goal statement.
  • Identify individuals who will write letters of recommendation for you.
  • Request or locate online application/materials.
  • Register in advance to take required admission tests.
  • Take tests and have results sent to your desired college(s).

Fall (9-12 months prior to start date)

  • Complete application forms and request transcripts be sent.
  • Give your recommendation letter writers the information necessary to submit references (i.e. reference forms, goal statement, addresses, etc).
  • Mail or submit online applications - get them in early!
  • Contact college(s) for information about financial aid.

Application Checklist

  • ¬†Complete essay/goal statement
  • Take admission test
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Request transcripts
  • Submit application(s)
  • Complete financial aid forms