Co-op Benefits

Why partner with Kent State University and our Co-op students?

  • Co-op programs provide opportunities to increase staff size to accomplish short term goals and projects in a cost effective method.
  • Participation allows employers a chance to early identify students to help diversify your workforce.
  • Positive experiences can lead to full-time hires that require less training and assume immediate responsibility, creating a pipeline of talent.
  • The Co-op program is available to all 280 majors, and 22, 000 undergraduates at KSU in any semester.
  • Co-op students are excited to start employment and be challenged to apply classroom theory to real-world problems.
  • KSU co-op students bring fresh ideas and new skill sets that they are eager to use.
  • Kent State University ranks again in 2015 as one of the Best National Universities by the U.S. News & World Report.
  • Students working toward an undergraduate degree at KSU possess diverse, highly-marketable skills and knowledge.

Benefits for Students

  • Gain practical experience in your chosen field.
  • Develop a professional network, contacts met will benefit in your career search.
  • Integrate academic theory with real-world learning.
  • Acquire significant work experience to list on resumes and increase the value of their degrees.
  • Earn Money! Students earn a source of income to assist with tuition and living costs while in college.
  • Access professional development resources – including KSU resources (Resume, interviewing, etc.) and at co-op employer.
  • Explore career and academic interests.
  • Co-op students experience greater satisfaction and advance more quickly in careers.
  • Improve opportunities for jobs after graduation.
  • Tends to improve students' grades because they are better able to see the relevancy of course work to real-world situations.
  • Income earned during Co-op is not included on FAFSA.
  • Nationally, 60% of co-op students are offered a fulltime position by their co-op employer.
  • 95% of students participating in a co-op experience have a job upon graduation.