Dare to Envision Your Future Work Day

Let your daydreams take you into the future and imagine your workday five years from now!

Print out My Future Workday worksheet (DOC)

1. Style of Dress

You just stepped out of the shower and are looking through your closet to decide what to wear. You select an outfit. What does it look like?

2. Prior to Work

It’s time for breakfast. Will you share breakfast with someone or will you eat alone? What time do you need to leave for work? When do you expect to return home? Do you pack a lunch? Do you have a laptop, pager, or work papers to carry with you?

3. Home and Neighborhood

Now you’re leaving your home. What does your home look like? What is your neighborhood like? Are you living in a big city, suburb, or in the country? Are you driving a car, walking, or taking a train or bus to work?

4. Commute

Now you are traveling to work. How long does it take to get there? How do you feel about the day ahead? (prepared...excited…bored…stressed…challenged…energized?)

5. Work Site

You’ve arrived at work. Create a mental picture of your work site. Where is it located? Are you indoors or outdoors? Do you have an employer or are you self-employed? How many people work for your organization?

6. Work Space

Now you arrive at your specific workspace. What does the area look like? Do you have a private or shared workspace? What is the first thing that you do? Who is the first person you meet? What do you say to each other? Do you work primarily by yourself or with others? If you work with others, how would they be described? Are you supervising others?

7. General Work Activities

Now, imagine some general tasks that you will be performing. Don’t worry so much about your job title, but imagine in general the activities you will undertake. Are you talking to people? Are you helping others? Are you working with your hands…with figures and budgets… thinking and planning… writing… drawing… creating… performing?

8. Lunch

It’s time for lunch. Do you skip lunch and keep working? Are you eating alone at your desk or do you go out for lunch with others? Where do you go and what do you talk about?

9. Afternoon

It’s afternoon already. Have your activities differed throughout the day? Are you feeling productive? Have you encountered some unpredictable tasks? Do you feel challenged and rewarded? Have you attended several meetings? Have you interacted with the general public?

10. End of Day

The workday is over. What time are you leaving work? Are you able to leave your work behind until you return tomorrow? Are you thinking about and planning tomorrow’s work activities? Are you planning to get together with work colleagues for some fun?