Discover Your Decision Making Style

Step 1: To discover your decision making style, answer True or False to the following questions
1. I seldom make impulsive purchases.
2. I believe in "love at first sight."
3. I rely heavily on my innermost feelings and intuition when making decisions.
4. I find it difficult to work on more than one project at a time.
5. When I am talking, my discussion often changes from one topic to another.
6. I often need to organize my thoughts on paper before making a decision.
7. I only see movies or read books that have received good reviews.
8. I often say things without thinking about them first.
9. I usually consider how to word my answers carefully before responding to a question.
10. I prefer to work problems out by myself rather than involve others.
11. I usually talk to others before making a decision.
12. My thoughts are often clear in my mind, but are not as clear when I try to express them aloud to others.
13. I usually will try something first before deciding whether I like or dislike it.
14. When I am anticipating a situation, I rely on my own thoughts and feelings in making a plan of action.
15. I sometimes talk aloud to myself.
16. I don't have many secrets that I have not discussed with at least one other person.
17. I use a calendar to plan my week and try to adhere to it.
18. I am very trusting of others.