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Explore Careers & Majors with FOCUS 2

Create an account in FOCUS 2 to explore careers and firm up your future career path.  Begin uncovering and investigating career and major options today. You will be asked questions related to things already familiar to you such as your personality, life preferences, and more.  After just 30-40 minutes, you will be provided a customized list of possible career aspirations.  A deeper understanding of yourself will give you the confidence you need to make more informed decisions about your education at Kent State University.

For FREE access to the assessments, follow the directions below:

Registration Tips

  • For first time users, On the FOCUS 2 website, click on “Register”
  • To complete the form, new users will be required to enter an ACCESS CODE
  • Your ACCESS CODE is: flash
  • The Access Code is the same for all users
  • New users fill out the requested information on the form and click CONTINUE

  • For returning users, log in with your username and password and then click CONTINUE

Suggested Assessments

  • Once you are logged in, begin by taking the Career Planning Readiness and Academic Strengths assessments.
  • Then take the Personality, Work Interests, Skills and Values assessments
  • Be sure to read the results of your Combined Assessments
  • Click on the list of matched careers and begin researching the most current information on industries

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