What is a Flashternship?

A Flashternship is Kent State University’s job shadow program (sometimes referred to as an externship or micro-internship) for freshmen and sophomore students.




The Specifics: Students can spend anywhere from a few hours up to a week observing a professional on the job, making connections and determining if that career is a good fit.

The Goal: Flashternships give students a firsthand look at the day-to-day of a career to help them decide if that career could be a good fit for them and helps them expand their professional network.

Students can also find out...

  • ...whether they have the skills (or can attain the skills) needed to perform the job.
  • ...what educational paths can lead to the job.
A student studies at a desk with a foam model


“I found the possibility of a career in design and how engineering can be holistic. Also, this Flashternship opportunity taught me how design and engineering work together. Moreover, I was impressed that the teamwork there is the key to do everything, everyone has an equally important part, and the needs of global market is very important.”
-Natalie, Environmental Studies Freshman


What happens during a Flashternship?

Every Flashternship is different! Students may have opportunities to...

  • ...follow and observe a professional on the job.
  • ...socialize with and ask questions of professionals.
  • ...participate in company projects.
  • ...attend staff meetings.
  • ...go on tour of the company and meet to key employees.
  • ...engage in conversations with clientele.
  • ...meet with HR staff to understand what they look for when hiring college graduates
Student Flashternship Information

Setting up a Flashternship - Student Steps

Follow these steps to create your own Flashternship experience!

  1. Identify at least 3 companies/organizations you would like to see first hand.
  2. Use Handshake to research these companies/organizations and identify at least one position at each that interests you.
  3. Email your interests to Flashternship@kent.edu

That's it! After you email us, one of our career advisors will contact you to help plan your Flashternship experience!

“I was able to talk to the student leaders about how to start getting involved in media, so I found some interesting student opportunities to do on campus. Also, it was not only the networking event, but it so also an initial step to go after what I want”
-Janelle, Fashion Merchandising Freshman

FAQ for Students:

Who is eligible to do a Flashternship? 
Any Kent State student can experience a Flashternship. However, only freshmen and sophomores are eligible to earn $50 FLASHcash per day of the Flashternship to help offset any costs incurred (transportation, housing, meals, etc.). To be eligible, qualifying students must complete a reflection after the Flashternship and a university gift reporting form.

How should I prepare for a Flashternship?

  • Bring a notepad and pen, and write down some questions ahead of time.
  • Dress professionally. “Professional” depends on the job/industry. When in doubt, ask your Career Advisor or even the person you are shadowing for advice.
  • Pick a time to job shadow that works best for you. Also, consider the job's schedule. (For example, if you want to shadow a teacher, it will be hard to find one working in the summer.)

How often can I do a Flashternship?
There is no limit to the number of Flashternships you can do. However, due to the time involved in planning each job shadow, students are encouraged to make their Flashternships count!

How do I reflect Flashternships on my resume?
Since Flashternships are short, they are not true work experiences where you make contributions, develop skills, or acquire experience. However, since they are valuable in helping you learn about industries and occupations, you may choose to include them in your work history section or with your volunteer or extracurriculars.  Make sure you’re clear on what you did and learned.

Employer/Host Flashternship Information

Volunteer to host a Flashtern!

We are always looking for companies/organizations to serve as hosts for job shadow experiences for Kent State students. “Flashternships” are designed to be student-driven, meaning students need to take the initiative to express interest in a job shadow experience and seek out a Flashternship site. Prior to connecting with an employer, our Career Exploration & Development staff will help students identify interests and goals for a Flashternship.

“We like the opportunity to help students trying to meet career goals.”
-Stephanie, Human Resources

If your company is interested in hosting a Flashtern, we ask that you:

  • Have a passion to give back and help students as they explore possible careers
  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment for our students to learn
  • Be willing to host a student for a day or two (up to a week) in your place of business 
  • Involve them in your day-to-day job in order to give students an overview of what your career entails
  • Engage them in a project and/or activity you are currently working on (if possible/appropriate)
  • Provide information about skills required, knowledge needed, and possible career paths for your occupation

Please contact Kent State University Career Exploration & Development at Flashternship@kent.edu to express your interest; we will work with you to collect more information. Flashternships are flexible to accommodate both our students and our host sites. 

This is an ongoing opportunity to connect with our students. Flashternships will be coordinated as students’ express interest. Dates and times will be determined between the student(s) and the host site.