What is a Flashternship?

A Flashternship is Kent State University’s job shadow program (sometimes referred to as an externship or micro-internship) for freshmen and sophomore students.




The Specifics: Students can spend anywhere from a few hours up to a week observing a professional on the job, making connections and determining if that career is a good fit.

The Goal: Flashternships give students a firsthand look at the day-to-day of a career to help them decide if that career could be a good fit for them and helps them expand their professional network.

Students can also find out...

  • ...whether they have the skills (or can attain the skills) needed to perform the job.
  • ...what educational paths can lead to the job.


A student studies at a desk with a foam model


“I found the possibility of a career in design and how engineering can be holistic. Also, this Flashternship opportunity taught me how design and engineering work together. Moreover, I was impressed that the teamwork there is the key to do everything, everyone has an equally important part, and the needs of global market is very important.”
-Natalie, Environmental Studies Freshman


What happens during a Flashternship?

Every Flashternship is different! Students may have opportunities to...

  • ...follow and observe a professional on the job.
  • ...socialize with and ask questions of professionals.
  • ...participate in company projects.
  • ...attend staff meetings.
  • ...go on tour of the company and meet to key employees.
  • ...engage in conversations with clientele.
  • ...meet with HR staff to understand what they look for when hiring college graduates