Internship Funding Opportunities

Summer Internship Relocation Award


  1. Must be participating in an internship experience that requires that you relocate outside of Kent State University or your home. Our office defines relocating as establishing temporary residence outside of your home or dorm for the purposes of participating in an experience that would not be possible or reasonable without moving. Examples include: Living/renting out of state, international based internships, or commutes over an hour in distance while living at home.
  2. Rising SO, JR, or SR (Kent Campus – UG) participating in a departmentally approved internship (must be earning credit in summer or subsequent fall term)
  3. Demonstrated financial need – requires a FAFSA and submission of budget
  4. Resume
  5. Offer letter from employer/intern site including start and end date and wage/rate of pay (if applicable)
  6. Submission of budget including:
    1. Travel costs (bus, train, mileage by car, etc.)
    2. Housing costs (rent and/or leasing information)
    3. Other living costs (meals, groceries, daily commute)

Apply for the Summer Internship Relocation AWARD Here!

Unpaid Internship Awards (Fall, Spring, Summer)



  1. Demonstrate financial need, based on EFC and FAFSA
  2. Participating in an UNPAID internship during the current term(s)
  3. Enrolled in an Experiential Learning course (defined as a course number ending in 92) during the current term(s)
  4. Undergraduate; Kent Campus students only

Students must submit the following documents with their application:

  1. Resume 
  2. Offer Letter or equivalent documentation from your employer communicating your hire information including that the position is unpaid.

In order to finalize the process, students must submit the following documentation via the application:

  1. Travel costs (airfare, mileage)
  2. Housing cost documentation (lease, rental agreement, etc.)
  3. Parking cost documentation (if applicable)
  4. Professional attire or uniform documentation

Applications Open

  • Fall – September 15 – October 1
    • Awards distributed early November
  • Spring – February 15 – March 1
    • Awards distributed early April
  • Summer – June 15 – July 15
    • Awards distributed early August

Students may receive one award per term; awards are capped at $1000. After review of financial aid, some applicants may be asked to submit a cost of attendance adjustment form if it is determined that applying the award will impact your current financial aid package.

Apply for the Unpaid Internship Award Here!