Student Employment Pay Plan

The state minimum wage is $10.45 on January 1, 2024.


Entry Level

Pay Range: Effective January 1, 2024: $10.45 - $15.65

Work assignments are completed under close supervision; procedures are well established; employees typically follow well-defined policies and procedures; minimal training or prior knowledge of work is required. Sample position titles may include:

  • Clerical worker (routine)
  • Food service worker (routine)
  • Grounds/custodial worker (light labor)
  • Help Desk/computer lab assistant (routine)
  • Intramural assistant
  • Library assistant (routine)
  • Telemarketer
  • Ticket attendant

Intermediate Level

Pay Range: Effective January 1, 2024: $10.85 - $17.05

Work assignments require special knowledge, skills, or abilities; some independent judgment or initiative; a considerable knowledge of the work process as obtained through on-the-job experience or formal training; may involve supervisory responsibilities for an activity of limited scope; and/or may require a significant amount of physical exertion, adverse hours, or working conditions. Sample position titles may include:

  • Cashier
  • Clerical worker (added responsibility)
  • Food service worker (specialized)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Grounds/custodial worker (heavy labor)
  • Help Desk/computer lab assistant (specialized)
  • Lab assistant (science)
  • Library assistant (specialized)
  • Parking enforcement worker
  • Security aide
  • Tour guide
  • Tutor/peer counselor

Highly Specialized Level

Pay Range: Effective January 1, 2024: $11.45 - $18.85

Work assignments require advanced, highly specialized knowledge, skills, or abilities; independent decision making and problem solving skills; extensive training or specialized professional training; demonstrated ability to perform the duties involved; and may include supervisory and administrative responsibilities for large or complex activities. Sample position titles may include:

  • Computer technician
  • Flight instructor
  • Lab assistant
  • Student manager/ supervisor
  • Web designer

The Student Employment Pay Plan is subject to change based on federal and State of Ohio laws and university budgetary considerations. All level minimums and maximums will be adjusted according to federal and/or state guidelines.