Communications Specialist, Cuyahoga County

Miranda Kortan | Communication Studies | Class of 2014

(Photo courtesy of Cuyahoga County)

As a communications professional, Miranda Kortan is always prepared for the unexpected. A typical day in her role as communications specialist in Cuyahoga County includes proactively developing stories about county projects and initiatives for external audiences, including media and residents. But she’s always ready to rise to the challenge, should a crisis occur.

“The communications classes at Kent State (taught me) that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ an unexpected event, emergency or communications crisis occurs, but a matter of ‘when,’ and discussing ways to be proactive, transparent and accountable in those situations,” she says.

Miranda has carved out her niche in public affairs communications, a career field she was well-prepared for, thanks to these communication studies classes and a semester spent in Washington, D.C. She participated in the Washington Program in National Issues (WPNI), a selective 15-week program where Kent State juniors and seniors study the U.S. political process and national and international policy issues while completing an internship.

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Miranda’s internship was in the communications/press secretary office at NASA, where she gained experience working press events and became familiar with the day-to-day rhythm and situations she encounters in her current job.

“Visiting governmental and non-governmental organizations while participating in WPNI, including attending briefings from specialists in the field, provided insight on matters such as the economy, human services, fairness and equity, and public safety which are important topics that the County addresses every day.”

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