Developer, Hyland Software

Nic Linscott | Digital Sciences | Class of 2016

Nic Linscott began his career at Hyland Software as an intern in 2014. After multiple internships and experiences, he now works for the company as a Developer.

Hyland is a leader in providing software solutions for managing content, processes and cases for organizations across the globe. With headquarters in Northeast Ohio, the company is consistently named a top employer, both locally and nationally. Nic was connected to the company through a job fair he attended while studying digital sciences at Kent State.

“I got a lot of experience my first year, even more experience my second year and then after that, they said, ‘We want to hire you full time.’”


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Nic chose digital sciences because of the hands-on nature of the major, saying, “whereas computer science was very abstract, in theory, (in) digital sciences, you're going to work on something, get your hands dirty and actually do something cool.”

The most useful thing he learned was how to work with others — something he uses every day in his job.

“I think every digital sciences class required some group effort, and that's something that, no matter what job you're working, you can't get away from.”

Nic advises students to, “Get involved, get your hands dirty, start learning as much as you can. Once you learn a specific skill-set, it carries over to so many other things. Definitely just jump right in, don't hesitate, just go for it.”

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