Combined Degree Program Creates Specialized Educational Experience

Kent State University’s combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program allows students to count nine credits of graduate level courses to their undergraduate degrees, providing a faster path to an advanced degree. The combined bachelor’s/master’s degree in EMAT bridges diverse perspectives and critical thinking regarding technology’s role in society.

Emerging Media and Technology student Cassie Milicia ‘24 is currently enrolled in the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program in EMAT, where she leverages her existing technical skills and propels herself into new areas of opportunity. 

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During her second year at Kent State, Milicia learned about the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program, providing minimal disruption to Milicia’s academic journey because of the seamless transition it offered from her undergraduate studies. 

“I attended an information session with EMAT professor Dr. Tang, where I inquired about the possibility of dual credit for these courses,” Milicia said. “This session made it clear this was an excellent opportunity to get more out of the little time I'd be spending at Kent.”

After reviewing various informational materials about the program, Milicia was intrigued. 

“It felt like I had dedicated resources at my disposal throughout the journey.

“The alignment of these courses with my current industry knowledge and experience was a major factor in my decision,” Milicia said. “This integration not only enhanced my learning experience but also ensured that my education remained relevant and directly applicable to my professional goals.”

Milicia described the application process as a consistent and supportive experience with the assistance of Dr. Tang and Dr. Micheal Beam, the director of the School of Emerging Media and Technology. 

“They were always available to answer my questions, ensuring that the program aligned perfectly with my educational and career aspirations,” Milicia said. “It felt like I had dedicated resources at my disposal throughout the journey.”

As an EMAT student, Milicia has broadened her understanding of technology’s role in society by engaging with peers from diverse specializations and backgrounds. These conversations have illuminated different ways in which technology enhances and streamlines processes and research. 

“Learning this revealed a plethora of potential applications for my degree, far beyond what I had initially imagined,” Milicia said. “I've come to appreciate the extensive reach of technology across various sectors such as architecture, aviation, wayfinding, education and even fashion design.”

After enrolling in the graduate program, Milicia strategically chose undergraduate classes to supplement her master’s specialty and narrow her desired degree focus. 

“This allowed me to build on my past industry experiences and select challenging and diverse courses in my graduate program,” Milicia said. 

Ultimately, Milicia credits the degree with providing long-lasting connections and an efficient way to amplify qualifications and opportunities. 

“The combined degree program isn’t just about piling on more classes—it’s about creating a specialized educational experience that can set you apart in the job market,” Milicia said. “It’s a great strategic approach to deepen your knowledge in your major while also gaining advanced skills that employers look for.”

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POSTED: Thursday, February 8, 2024 12:20 PM
Updated: Thursday, February 8, 2024 02:29 PM