Global Typographic Assessment Held for the 3rd Time at School of Visual Communication Design

Each year, the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) — the authoritative body for typography worldwide — assesses and evaluates visual communicators’ work. For the past three years, Kent State’s School of Visual Communication Design (VCD) has hosted the North American assessment.


The assessments are part of the organization’s mission to promote and raise standards for typography internationally. Each year, ISTD’s education team releases a set of briefs for educators around the world to use in their classes throughout the academic year. Then, at the assessments, student responses to these briefs are evaluated, and those who meet the standards are awarded prestigious ISTD membership for life.


“The society aims to foster excellence in typography globally, and to encourage and maintain a community of practice around typography from student to professional,” said Assistant Professor and Regional Coordinator for the North American ISTD Assessment, Aoife Mooney.


The assessments were launched in 1975 and had been taking place for decades worldwide in places such as Ireland, the U.K., South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. The North American Assessment is a recent addition established at Kent State by Mooney and Associate Professor Jillian Coorey, who teach in VCD.


These assessments bring together educators and industry professionals from across the state and country. This year, Kent State hosted 16 assessors on April 12, from Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, New York and beyond. Additionally, ISTD Ireland Regional Coordinator, Brenda Dermody who is the Chair of the School of Design at the School of Creative Arts in Dublin was in attendance.


“Kent provides a centralized platform in the Midwest for educators on both coasts and Canada to send work and to attend the assessment,” Mooney said. “For Kent State, it provides a spotlight for the School of VCD, placing it on a national level as one of the centers of typographic excellence and education in typography. (As) the home of the ISTD in North America, Kent State represents typographic standards to the global ISTD community establishing the University as an active player in a global network of practice around typography.”


Kent State students in VCD’s Advanced Typography course have the opportunity to submit their work for this assessment. Results will be determined in a few weeks.  


Even if students aren’t awarded membership after participation, they are still able to refine their thinking and design skills through the constructive instruction assessors provide. No matter the outcome, students can still walk away with improved skills and a portfolio-worthy piece.


In addition, Mooney said, “submitting work to the assessment also places (students’) work in the hands of industry professionals who may often have opportunities for (them) in the form of internships or job opportunities.”


Read more about ISTD HERE.

POSTED: Monday, April 29, 2019 - 11:07am
UPDATED: Monday, April 29, 2019 - 11:08am
Eunice Reyes, '19