Visual Communication Design Students Create Community Themed Projects for Exhibit

At the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester, students in the Visual Communication Design course Glyphix Research Lab were asked the question, “How can design be used as an agent of change to create meaningful human experiences and build connections?”  

Throughout the semester, they have worked on individual projects that incorporated the theme of community, and a gallery exhibition opening Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021, will showcase their work. 

Glyphix Research Lab, is a research and design focused experience. Each semester, the course has a theme that students focus their project on. This semester’s, taught by Associate Professor Jillian Coorey, was "community.”

The upcoming gallery opening on Dec. 9 will take place from 4:30- 7 p.m. in the Taylor Hall Gallery (second floor). The exhibit, which runs through the end of February,will feature the students’ semester-long work about design and community and feature an augmented reality component to enhance the viewer’s experience. 

Coorey says each project exhibited explores how design can facilitate community.  

“Enduring a global pandemic has made us realize the importance of human interaction,” she says. 

Glyphix Research Lab is intended to help students raise questions, conduct research, and determine the best solution for their designs. Visual Communication Design major Bryce Punsalan, ’22, who worked on design for a neighborhood app that would connect Kent students and residents, has found that the different aspects of the course brought him closer to the Kent State community.  

“Through researching and talking with both Kent students and full- time residents, I found a new appreciation for my community and the people that live in it.” 

A few featured students shared their projects being showcased in the gallery: 

Kyle Czatt Exhibit

Kyle Czatt, Senior Visual Communication Design Major: 

Project: What the concept of ‘home’ means to individuals 

“I have come up with four unique solutions to the question I have proposed to myself:'What makes a home?' With that, I have a photographic poster detailing people and places that impact their idea of home, an infographic poster that details information I received through a Google forum, a typographic poster that illustrates way students can create a home for themselves on campus, and finally a book that details five unique perspectives of individuals .” 

Bryce Punsalan exhibitt

Bryce Punsalan, Senior Visual Communication Design Major: 

Project: Neighborhood app design  

“My project is an interactive mobile app called 'DingDong' that will help bridge the gap between Kent State students and full time Kent residents. With a real-time newsfeed, community calendar, interactive map and instant messaging, DingDong allows community members to interact with each other on a new level.” 

Kibret Z. Exhibit

Kibret Zerayesus, Senior Visual Communication Design Major: 

Project: VCD visual course map website designed 

“For each design-driven class, there are students' projects from the class along with a description to allow students to know what type of work they will be doing in each class. There is also a blog and advice area to give students a chance to see other students' achievements, work and get advice gear towards their class and as VCD students as a whole.” 

Leah Day Exhibit

Leah Day, Visual Communication Design Graduate Student: 

Project: Researching charting communities as we age 

 “Charting Community is a data visualization that encourages reflection on the relationship between our participation in chosen and unchosen communities as we age.”  

Riley Potts Exhibit

Riley Potts, Senior Visual Communication Design Major: 

Project: Game design about conversation on respecting differences/seeing other viewpoints 

“Let’s Talk is a card game focused on getting to know each other and initiating respectful conversation about topics, both lighthearted and serious.” 

POSTED: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 01:19 PM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 04:39 PM
Isabelle Stewart, '22