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Alex Silverio

College of Communication and Information
Academic Advisor II
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101-H Taylor Hall
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My name is Alex, I'm a two-time alumna from KSU! I got my B.A. in Psychology and my B.S. in HDFS in 2015, and this past Spring (2021) I got my M.Ed. in HIED. 

I was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico and came to live in the USA when I was a teenager. 

I worked in a counseling agency shortly after I graduated in 2015. I really wanted to be a therapist but came to the realization that wasn't the path for me. I was a bit lost for about a year and half because I knew I wanted to go back to school to get my master's, but I didn't know what I wanted to pursue. However, whenever I did job searches, I kept coming back to Higher Ed, and after looking more into it everything fell in place and I applied to the HIED program at KSU. 

While I was going through my master's program, I was able to intern as an academic advisor and I really enjoyed it! I really love getting to know where students are in their academic paths, what their goals are, and what I can do to ensure that they achieve what they are pursuing. I am really honored to be part of the CCI team, and I hope I can be a helpful and good advisor to the students that I meet with. 

In my spare time I enjoy running (you may see me and my co-worker/friend Christine running after work hours around campus), hanging out with my partner Ted and my dog Yuki, and I also love watching movies -- psychological thrillers and international films are my jam.