Meet the Team

The Advisors

  • Carol Costello

    Carol Costello

    An award-winning journalist and former anchor and correspondent at CNN, Carol Costello’s distinguished broadcast career spans three decades, covering world leaders, events, and politics. She has won an Emmy for her reporting on the crack/cocaine epidemic, a Dupont for her coverage of the Indonesian tsunami and was Emmy nominated for broadcast performance and best morning show. She now teaches journalism at LMU.

  • Kevin Dilley

    Kevin Dilley

    Director of Kent State Student Media, Kevin Dilley oversees the business operations and strategic planning for the 10 Media Partners that make up the national award-winning Kent State Student Media. As a leader in student media, Kevin believes in empowering students as they strive to become professional journalists and communicators. He encourages leadership, accountability, diversity, collaboration, and innovation.

  • Christopher J. Finlay

    Christopher J. Finlay

    The Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at LMU, Dr. Christopher Finlay specializes in digital media cultures, sports communication, global media industries and political communication. His interests include the impact of digital communication on American politics and journalism, the 1st Amendment, global media events and Chinese media industries. He has written over a dozen scholarly works.

  • Jeff Gauger

    Jeff Gauger

    Jeff Gauger teaches journalism at LSU and advises its student-run newspaper and news website. He worked for more than 30 years as a reporter or editor at newspapers across the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and South. He believes that teaching journalism, whether in a classroom or newsroom, starts with modeling accuracy, fair-mindedness and a commitment to conversation rooted in truth and respect for others.

  • Tom Nelson

    Tom Nelson

    Director of Student Media at LMU, Tom Nelson has served as advisor to the Los Angeles Loyolan news source, ROAR Studios television and The Tower yearbook since 2003. He believes the essence of good journalism consists of three simple things: accuracy, relevancy and responsibility. As an educator, he fosters an environment promoting student leadership, risk taking and striving for high standards that lead to sustained excellence.

  • E.R. Shipp

    E.R. Shipp

    Pulitzer Prize winner E.R. Shipp is an associate professor in the School of Global Journalism and Communication at MSU and began her career at The New York Times. She was a reporter and editor there, as well as a columnist at the New York Daily News and the Baltimore Sun, an ombudsman for the Washington Post and a freelance journalist. A native of Conyers, GA, Shipp considers Harlem to be her home (though she lives in Baltimore).

The Students

  • Josh Archote

    Josh Archote

    I’m an executive producer for the LSU team and a journalism junior and editor for the news section of LSU’s student-run newspaper, the Reveille. I’m also a part of LSU’s BridgeUSA chapter, an organization committed to fostering civil political discourse and debate between students. I’ve reported on environmental issues since I was a freshman. Climate change, and humanity’s race to avoid its worst impacts, will be a defining story of the 21st century.

  • Veronica Backer Peral

    Veronica Backer Peral

    I am an executive producer for the LMU team and a senior triple major in applied mathematics, computer science and history. I joined the Los Angeles Loyolan in my sophomore year and am currently serving as managing editor in addition to working on Climate 360. I look forward to exploring solutions to the most pressing issues facing our generation; solutions that unify our country rather than tear it apart.

  • Spencer Hayes

    Spencer Hayes

    I am an executive producer for the KSU team and a junior in public communication studies, with a minor in media advocacy. Over the years, I have learned about climate change, especially its lasting effects on the planet. As a recent aunt, I think of my nephew and other children who will have to deal with the irreversible problems of climate change. I hope to spread awareness about the importance of reversing what we can of climate change.

  • Brian Jeffries

    Brian Jeffries

    An executive producer for the MSU team, Brian, a senior multimedia journalism major at MSU, is also a U.S. Navy veteran with an associate’s degree in broadcast journalism from San Diego City College. His aim is to join the world of journalism and contribute to the dissemination of news effectively across many platforms. He is a skilled communicator, specializing in storytelling through print, photography and videography.

  • Micah A. Caldwell

    Micah A. Caldwell

    I am a junior multimedia journalism major for MSU’s School of Global Journalism and Communication and a managing editor for the MSU team. I serve as social media manager for MSU’s National Association of Black Journalists. I am also a member of the Wall Street Journal-Morgan State University Business Exchange Program where students are partnered with editors and writers in a series of workshops to build their skills.

  • Maddie Cindrich

    Maddie Cindrich

    I’m a managing editor for the LMU team and a senior from New Jersey! I’m the former managing editor of and current video coordinator for the LA Loyolan, and a member of the Xi Omicron chapter of Delta Zeta. Like a lot of young people, I’m really worried about climate change. With this project, I hope to figure out solutions that prioritize our shared humanity—because climate change affects everyone.

  • Grace Springer

    Grace Springer

    I am a managing editor for the KSU team and a first year student majoring in journalism with a minor in media advocacy. I am a member of Kent’s athletic bands and I write for the Her Campus Kent State online magazine. I am a managing editor for Climate 360. I look forward to reporting on the state of the climate and working on finding solutions that will make a difference.

  • Samantha “Sami” Beekman

    Samantha “Sami” Beekman

    Samantha is a content producer for the LSU team and just graduated with a bachelor’s in mass communication and a bachelor’s in international studies from LSU. In the fall, she’ll start her master’s of public policy at the Hertie School in Berlin.

  • Ava Borskey

    Ava Borskey

    I’m a content producer for LSU’s team and a junior studying journalism. I write for the entertainment section of LSU’s on-campus newspaper, the Reveille. I’m also a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism and mass communication college honor society. As a member of Climate 360, I’m looking forward to exploring the many facets of climate change, while expanding my reporting repertoire alongside a team of journalists.

  • Willow Campbell

    Willow Campbell

    I’m a content producer for team KSU and a filmmaking major with minors in creative writing, Jewish studies and theater performance. In 2020, my short film “Bending” premiered at The New York Lift-Off Film Festival. I also won 3rd place in the Wick Poetry Center’s Undergraduate Poetry Scholarship contest in May 2021. I’m excited to be a part of this project because, to me, nature is sacred. Everything comes from the earth; we owe something in return.

  • Alexis Durham

    Alexis Durham

    Alexis Durham is a content producer for the MSU team and a rising senior majoring in multimedia journalism. She has grown fond of writing and videography. In addition, Durham enjoys writing music, poetry and finding out ways to help others find their purpose. Every day, she works towards becoming a better public speaker as well. She hopes to one day produce her own content for television and radio.

  • Julien I. Johnson

    Julien I. Johnson

    Content producer for the MSU team, Julien is junior multimedia journalism major with a minor in entrepreneurship. He plans to grows his skills and experience. A creative performer, he has his own show, “The Versatility Podcast” and does many other entrepreneurial activities. Julien is a very good communicator, networker leader and loves to try out new experiences.

  • Madison Ledyard-King

    Madison Ledyard-King

    I’m a content producer for the KSU team and a junior studying digital media production with a minor in theater production. I am the President of the Student Media organization KSU Independent Films. As a part of Climate 360, I’m hoping to be able to bring awareness to different underrepresented communities and share how their lives have been affected by climate change and what we can do to fix it.

  • Sydney McGovern

    Sydney McGovern

    I’m a content producer for the LSU team and a senior pursuing an honors dual degree in mass communication with a concentration in political communication and Spanish. I report on the Louisiana Legislature for over 60 news organizations across the state with the Manship Statehouse Bureau. As a member of Climate 360, I hope to paint a picture of how the South is threatened by climate change and explore ways to combat these threats.

  • Nicole Nguyen

    Nicole Nguyen

    I am a content producer for the LSU team and a sophomore studying chemical engineering and environmental science. I am involved in LSU’s Student Government Senate as well as multiple on-campus organizations. I believe advocacy for climate change is crucial for the many misrepresented voices in this movement. Having studied environmental issues for years, I hope to help bring awareness and mobilize individuals through this accessible platform.

  • Domenic Purdy

    Domenic Purdy

    I’m a content producer for the LSU team and a junior studying journalism at the Manship School of Mass Communication with minors in screen arts, political science and history. As an opinion columnist at The Daily Reveille, I learned the power of writing. Our generation is facing a flashpoint in the climate crisis and with the right words, us at Project Citizen can advocate for a better world and solutions to the climate crisis.

  • Kennedi Hewitt

    Kennedi Hewitt

    I am a sophomore at LMU studying English and journalism. I’m a member of Loyola Marymount’s Association of Black Journalists and the Black student union on campus. I am a managing editor for the Los Angeles Loyolan. For Climate 360, I am a senior correspondent for the LMU team. I’m excited to explore how climate change impacts different people around the country and hopefully uncover some ways to help.

  • Connor Fallon

    Connor Fallon

    I’m a senior correspondent for the KSU team and a senior advertising major with a minor in media advocacy. I am a member of Kent State’s premiere a cappella group, the Kent Clarks. My interest and passion relating to climate change started when I began to pay closer attention to my consumption of plastics, fashions, and weather trends. I am super excited to work with fellow students on creating amazing work.

  • Cristobal Spielmann

    Cristobal Spielmann

    I’m a senior correspondent for the LMU team, an assistant opinion editor for the Los Angeles Loyolan since 2019 and a junior environmental science major from Brentwood, Tennessee. I previously served as a reporter on the 2020 election cycle for the Loyolan. As part of Climate 360, I plan to dissect environmental issues relating to local communities and histories.