The Herschel and Elsa Rubin Art Acquisition Fund

The Art Gallery’s permanent collection features a signed painting by the late Elsa Rubin, wife of Dr. Herschel Rubin, titled Fall Festival.

Through the donation of his wife’s painting and a monetary gift, Dr. Rubin helped establish the Herschel and Elsa Rubin Art Acquisition Fund on the East Liverpool campus which will help sustain the permanent collection.

An Art Acquisition Committee on the campus works to coordinate policies and criteria for purchasing pieces and accepting donated and/or loaned works of art. The committee is committed to continuing the mission of the OVRAC, by making art an enriching and integral part of the tri-state area through the promotion of the arts, support of artists and access to arts education.

Kent State East Liverpool’s permanent are collection also includes several pieces that are displayed throughout the campus in conference rooms, offices, hallways and common areas.

To donate to the Art Acquisition Fund, please complete the attached form