Spotlight on Nursing's Ashley Smith

November Student Spotlight on Ashley SmithAshley Smith is a first year student in the Associate Degree of Nursing program at Kent State East Liverpool. For the last six years, however, she has worked as a state-tested nursing assistant (STNA) in a nursing home environment and currently in a hospital. Becoming a nurse is the next step on her path into the healthcare field.

“I chose nursing because I work as an STNA already and I wanted to further my education in the medical field,” she said. “Plus, my mother is a registered nurse and she also influenced me to go into nursing.”

Once she decided to become a nurse, Ashley then decided to pursue her nursing education at Kent State East Liverpool. “I chose Kent State East Liverpool because I wanted to go for my associate’s degree and some of the nurses I work with have completed the Kent State East Liverpool program. They said their experience was fantastic, so I’m hoping for the same.”

Ashley said that she wants to concentrate on becoming an OB or pediatric nurse once she enters the workforce.