Program Introduction

The Bachelor of Applied Horticulture degree provides students with the academic background and learning environment to further their education beyond an associate degree. The program aids students in the development of managerial expertise in areas of landscape design, turf grass management and urban forestry, as well as landscape design, golf courses, sports turf management, arboriculture, environmental sustainability, plant propagation and greenhouse and nursery operations.

This Program is Right For You If

  • You appreciate how plants beautify our surroundings.   
  • You enjoy hands-on activities. 
  • You care about a healthy and sustainable environment.  

This Program Will Teach You

  • Plant characteristics, uses, and identification techniques 
  • To interpret soil test results and determine a corrective course of action
  • Sustainable approaches to grow healthy plants and treat plant problems
  • To create management plans for nutrients, irrigation, companion plants, pests, and diseases
  • To safely and efficiently operate commercial production systems such as greenhouses, nurseries, gardens, and urban forests

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