CT Program Mission & Goals

Mission of the CT Program

The mission of the program is to educate CT students in the knowledge, skills and attitude to become qualified practitioners who provide  quality service and care to the community and to prepare students for the changing needs of the profession. Kent State University prepares students for responsible citizenship, broadens intellectual perspectives and fosters ethical and humanitarian values in responding to diverse populations.

Goals of the CT Program

  1. Students will successfully complete all academic requirements for the application of knowledge to the practice of computed tomography.
  2. Students will effectively utilize critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills in the practice of computed tomography.
  3. Students will effectively communicate in oral and written form with patients, customers, and all members of the health care team.
  4. Students will successfully perform computed tomography procedures and attain results of high diagnostic value, while providing quality patient care.
  5. Students will exhibit personal and professional attributes and values relevant to the practice of computed tomography.