East Liverpool Campus Honors Program

Honors courses are available throughout the undergraduate years and can be used to meet requirements in all the degree granting colleges and schools of the university and to satisfy the Liberal Education Requirements of the university.

All honors freshmen are enrolled in the year long Freshman Honors Colloquium. The colloquium is designed to be a rigorous course in reading, thinking and writing about literature and ideas. The goal of the course is to develop habits of intellectual inquiry, mature understanding, and effective communication that will serve the students through the college years and afterward.

Beyond the freshman colloquium, many honors courses offered by distinguished faculty from academic departments throughout the university are available each semester. Although these courses differ significantly in content, from art to zoology, they share a common form. Class enrollments are small, and students can get to know each other and their professors in an environment that encourages learning through discussion, reading, individual work and writing.

Several of the colleges and many of the departments of the university offer four year honors programs. These programs combine a core of honors courses common to all majors and honors courses in basic disciplines including the humanities, the social sciences and mathematics/science.

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