Bachelor of Nursing Faculty

    Lorene Martin, MSN, CRNP

    Senior Lecturer and Campus Coordinator, email: lsmartin@kent.edu Phone: 330-337-4179

    Dr. Cheryl Brady, PhD, RN, CNE

    Assistant Professor, email: clbrady@kent.edu Phone: 330-337-4134

    Sarah Pierce Brown, MSN-Ed, RN

    Lecturer, email: spierce5@kent.edu Phone 330-337-4137

    Melissa E. Duvall, MSN RN, WHNP-BC

    Lecturer, email: mesmith@kent.edu Phone 330-337-4297

    Mary Lou Ferranto, PHD, APRN-CNP

    Professor of Nursing, email: mferrant@kent.edu

    Krista Hawkins, MSN-Ed, RN

    Lecturer, email: ksnyde5@kent.edu Phone 330-337-4224

    Diane S. Hill, APRN-CNS

    Senior Lecturer. email: dhill9@kent.edu Phone: 330-337-4127

    Janeen S. Kotsch, MSN, RN

    Senior Lecturer, email: jkotsch1@kent.edu Phone: 330-337-4145