Awards Night Shines Light on Student Success

President’s List awardees

Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students for the 2021-2022 academic year at its annual awards banquet.

The awards and recipients are:

Academic Awards

Outstanding American Sign Language Student:

  • McGwire Groubert

Outstanding American Sign Language Best Non-Manuals:

  • Abigail Hruby

Outstanding Students in French:

  • Arundhati Thornberry
  • Omobolanle Ajibola

Human Services Intern of Excellence-Professionalism Award:

  • Taylor Leffler

Human Services Intern of Excellence–Dedication Award:

  • Thomas Scarnecchia

Human Services Intern of Excellence–Advocacy Award:

  • Jessica Gaines

Outstanding Students in Horticulture:

  • Militca Denee
  • Augustin Holman
  • Alicia Lynne Costello

Honors Program Thesis Award:

  • Skyllar Shasteen

Skyllar Shasteen
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology Academic Excellence:

  • Casey Dickey

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology Clinical Excellence:

  • Olivia Kuzma

Outstanding English Majors:

  • Regan Crosser
  • Sophia Lindner

Outstanding English Minors:

  • Connor Francis
  • Skyllar Shasteen

Excellence in Tutoring Writing:

  • Julia Chappelear

Rising Scholars Outstanding Mentor:

  • Ally Harman

Rising Scholars Outstanding New Mentor:

  • Blaine McCurdy

Outstanding Students in Psychological Research:

  • Skyllar Shasteen
  • Kasey Jamison

Outstanding Students in Psychology:

  • Draven Stanley
  • Tommy Kornbau

Outstanding Business Student:

  • Emily Fitch

Outstanding Information Technology Student:

  • Lucas Duncan

Outstanding Insurance Studies Student:

  • Alyssa Card

Outstanding Criminology and Justice Studies Student:

  • Katerina Wright

Early Childhood Education Exemplary Student:

  • Angelina D’Itri

Early Childhood Education Outstanding Student Teacher-Senior:

  • Marina Brockway

Early Childhood Education Outstanding Student Teacher in Field Work-Junior:

  • Matthew Brooks

Early Childhood Education Outstanding Role Model of the Profession-Upperclassman:

  • Zachary McKenzie

Early Childhood Education Technology Reflective Student Teachers:

  • Jayma Sullivan
  • Tabitha Hornof

Early Childhood Education Technology Academic Excellence:

  • Briana Hanlon

Academic Excellence in Nursing-Sophomore:

  • Madison Showalter

Clinical Excellence in Nursing-Sophomore:

  • MacKenzie Kiko

Academic Excellence in Nursing-Junior:

  • Sherilyn Horst

Clinical Excellence in Nursing-Junior:

  • Jessica Kisner

Academic Excellence in Nursing-Senior:

  • Eunice Knight

Clinical Excellence in Nursing-Senior:

  • Nicole Fitch

Kent State Salem Undergraduate Research Conference Outstanding Presentations:

First Place, Session One:

  • Jessica Johnson

Second Place, Session One:

  • Michael Schlegel

Third Place, Session One:

  • Abigail Jackson

First Place, Session Two:

  • Olivia Coontz

Third Place, Session Two:

  • Kasey Jamison

Fall 2021/Spring 2022 President’s List (* represents students who achieved this distinction for both semesters):

  • Samantha Basile
  • Rachel Bright
  • Marina Brockway
  • Macy Buehner
  • Alyssa Card
  • Olivia Coontz
  • Alicia Costello
  • Ava Delsignore
  • Shelby Dennis
  • Kendra DeWitt
  • Angelina D’Itri
  • Jenna Drayer
  • Zaviona Fountain
  • Hunter Gillingham*
  • Briana Hanlon, Hannah Harmon
  • Sherilyn Horst
  • Mattisyn Infanti
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Kaitlin Ketchum
  • Mariah Lanzer
  • McKenzie Martin
  • Olivia McCoy
  • Mitchell McDowell
  • Zachary McKenzie*
  • Emily Miller
  • Marikate Roscoe
  • Erin Smith
  • Ashley Stellato
  • Jayma Sullivan
  • Emily Yereb

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Cutline A: President’s List awardees

Cutline B: Skyllar Shasteen was recognized with three separate awards.


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