East Liverpool ADN Program Receives Workstation on Wheels

Kent State University at East Liverpool received a contribution from Heritage Thermal Services that will benefit the students in its associate degree in nursing (ADN) program by giving them the latest technology for learning to properly dispense medications to patients.

Heritage Thermal provided funding for the purchase of an AccessRx 2 Tier medication dispensing systemHeritage Thermal provided funding for the purchase of an AccessRx 2 Tier medication dispensing system, a wireless mobile workstation similar to those used by hospitals and healthcare facilities, which will provide critical learning opportunities for nursing students.

Commonly referred to as a WOW – workstation on wheels – the computerized cart has internet access that allows students to use an electronic medication administration record (MAR) to safely access simulated medications stored in locked electronic bins.

The ADN students will be able to practice medication safety measures such as scanning the medication and then scanning a simulated patient’s identification band before administration of the drugs.

“The safe practice of dispensing and charting medication administration in the nursing lab through simulated patient scenarios will be much like that in hospitals,” explained Janet Peterson, coordinator of the nursing skills lab. “This solidifies a critical layer of realism, accountability and safety into the students’ education. This is the type of technology they will encounter when they go into clinical learning settings, so having this workstation in our lab will better prepare them.”

Heritage Thermal President Chris Pherson met with the students and faculty members who will be using the new computerized workstation. “Preparing the nurses of tomorrow with state-of-the-art technology is vital to their development as healthcare professionals,” he said. “We are pleased to make this investment in their education and to the nursing program at the East Liverpool Campus.”

During the 2017-18 academic year at Kent State East Liverpool, nearly 90 ADN students will use this mobile workstation as part of their curriculum requirements.

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Photo: Meeting in the nursing skills lab at Kent State East Liverpool were (from left) Chris Pherson, president of Heritage Thermal Services; nursing student Destiny Hissom; Janet Peterson, skills lab coordinator; nursing student Erica Snoddy; Diana Stewart, assistant professor of nursing; nursing student Jessica Tice; and Dr. David Dees, dean of the East Liverpool Campus.

POSTED: Monday, May 22, 2017 12:23 PM
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