Have You Heard About S.G.A.?

What is the SGA?

SGA stands for Student Government Association, which is a nationwide organization. Nearly every university or community college has a student government.

The SGA has many different purposes. It oversees all of the campuses clubs and events. It communicates with the college leadership in order to voice student concerns and make changes.

What does the average SGA member do?

The average SGA member usually represents student concerns at meetings, helps sponsor or cosponsor events, makes decisions, attends conferences if necessary and is kind and helpful, all while trying to ensure that the student body has an enjoyable time at Kent State Salem.

Who is the SGA?

The executive board itself is comprised of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and historian.  Two advisers help with the day-to-day work and provide guidance.

What are the qualifications for joining the SGA?

To join the SGA you must be enrolled in at least three credit hours at Kent State Salem, have at least a 2.0 GPA and be a person of good standing at the College, which means that you must be respectable, professional and behave well. 

Members should also be able to attend all meetings. Meeting times can be found further down on the page.

How do I join the SGA?

Contact an SGA Officer (President, Casey Yourex cyourex@kent.edu, Vice President, Nick Altman naltman@kent.edu) or an adviser for more information. Another easy way is just to come to one of our meetings so you can see what being in the SGA is all about.  SGA is currently looking for a Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and new members, so don't be shy.

Why should I join the SGA?

There are so many reasons! The SGA is a unique experience. Joining makes you a part of something on campus and gives you a voice and a forum to make changes. Joining the SGA is like having a second family.

Having been a member of the SGA also looks good on transcripts and job applications. Advisers make great references.

Finally, being a member gives you the unique opportunity to learn leadership skills that can be used in other school, work and community settings.

When are the meetings?

The SGA will holds its meetings every Thursday from 1 - 2 p.m. in the Student Lounge.  All general meetings are open to students.

POSTED: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 02:44 PM
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