Kent State East Liverpool Recognizes Outstanding Students

Kent State University at East Liverpool recently recognized the academic achievements of numerous students, and the generosity of scholarship donors during its annual Fall Scholarship Reception. Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, donors, family members and friends, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university.


Annual funding is provided by the Ohio Board of Regents to award scholarships to our students and from generous donors who are invested in the success of Kent State East Liverpool students.

  • Jared Shilot
  • Tawnia Jenkins
  • Alexandria Williams
Potter Town Foundation Annual Scholarship:
  • Carissa Griffith
  • Cody Geer
Opportunity Scholarship:
  • Tammy Brucker
  • Ashley Smith
  • Jordan Wilson
  • Larry Meute
  • Nikki Cvengross
  • Katlyn VanDyne
  • Jamie Rutledge
  • Jessica Foster
  • Lisa Sabatka
  • Mary Davis
  • Janet Jackson
  • Lucas Gaulding
  • April Garrett
  • Mark Kovalcik
  • Katie George
  • Kaileigh Kistler
  • Melissa Baker
  • Natalie Saad
  • Alyssa Scaletti
  • Heather Whitfield
  • Sarah Morrell
  • Joann Collins
  • Amie Collins
  • Casey Coie
  • Alex Bean
  • Sarah Fusco
  • Ashley Law
  • Jacqueline Poteet
  • Lexa Noble
  • Tracy Vorshak
  • Matthew Jaskowak
  • Robyn Wright
  • Tiffany Trumbetta
  • Katelyn Moore
  • Jack Allen
  • Joshua Lamb
  • Robert Porter
  • Michelle Hoover
  • Jamie Shafer
  • Megan Bennett
  • Jamie Watson
  • Jillian Bergert
  • Stacy Allmon
  • Andrea Sebest
  • McKenzie Davis
  • Elizabeth Kuntz
  • Daniel Boszor
  • Renee Engelman
  • Hunter Hershiser
  • Sarah Hawes
  • Jeffrey Dale
  • Brooke Quinn
  • Helena Wiley
  • Corrina VanFossen
  • Mariana Bonish
  • Leslie McCauley
  • Jacob Ketler
  • Ashley Shelley
  • Melanie Cook
  • Aristidis Kantaras
  • Michela Nicholson
  • Gene Beadnell
  • Jacob Smith
  • Derek Munoz
  • Jessica Barach
  • Ashley Fraser
  • Caleb Malcolm
  • Katlyn Diddle
  • Kandi Poynter
  • Shannon Rabovsky
  • Taylor Hardman
  • Elijah Ross
  • Carson Tate
  • Carissa Griffith
  • Cody Geer
  • Logan Gaskill
  • Craig Miller
  • Jennifer Disette
  • Danielle Clark
  • Margaret Tanner
  • Ciara Frank
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Elissa Evans
  • April Wright
  • Andrew Arcuragi
  • Lori Riley
  • Carolyn Parker
  • Toni Potts
  • Krista Plumley
  • Douglas Morgan
  • Noelle Amato
  • Jim Yeske
  • Jackie Johnson
  • Megan Beaver 
  • Brandon Smith
  • Melissa Davis 
  • Doug Richards
  • Damon Magenau
Rutledge Scholarship:
  • Danielle Clark  
Rutledge Diversity Scholarship:
  • Elijah Ross
Mayer Nursing Scholarship:
  • Jessica Barach
Rachel Boyce Lang Memorial Scholarship:
  • Margaret Tanner
  • Carson Tate
Friends of the East Liverpool Campus Scholarship:
  • Caleb Malcolm
  • Katlyn Diddle
  • Kandi Poynter 
  • Shannon Rabovsky
  • Taylor Hardman
Home Savings Bank Scholarship:
  • Gene Beadnell
  • Jacob Smith  
David T. Mason Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
  • Logan Gaskill  
Blue Sky Therapy Amy E. Reed Memorial Scholarship:
  • Michela Nicholson
Gus Markanton Memorial Scholarship:
  • Derek Munoz
Dr. John Hayes Nursing Scholarship:
  • Ashley Fraser
ELHS Graduate’s Scholarship:
  • Jennifer Dissette
Kent State East Liverpool Faculty & Staff Scholarship:
  • Ciara Frank
POSTED: Monday, October 13, 2014 02:25 PM
UPDATED: Thursday, December 08, 2022 09:25 AM

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