Kent State Salem Holds Awards Ceremony

Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual Student Awards Ceremony, as well as the contributions of faculty, staff and community partners.

The awards and recipients are:

Scholarship Awards

Kent State Salem Advisory Board Scholarship:  Laken Anderson, Bobbi Fairbourn, Jacqueline Poteet, Tyler Stratton

Students who were recognized for being on the President’s Lists (Spring and Fall 2016)Kent State Alumni Scholarship: Savanna Sullivan

Donna J. Sedzmak Student Survivor and Caregiver Scholarship: Brandon Boyle

Joseph P. and Donna Sedzmak Accounting and Business Scholarship: Rebekah Kellner

Mary Byers Howett Scholarship: Holly DeLucia

Joyce and Tom Butts Scholarship: Kaileigh Kistler

Courtney Family Scholarship: Mackenzie Godwin, Hayley Shasteen, Katelyn Yohman

Dr. James F. Cooney Endowed Scholarship: Tina Cunningham

John E. Roncone Scholarship: Joshua Meredith

Mitch’s Live Your Dream Scholarship: Jonathan Katz

Kim E. Goll Scholarship: Holly DeLucia

Professional Promise Scholarship: Michael Cowher

Davey Tree Expert Scholarship: Jonathan Katz, Samantha Keshock

Turfscape Inc. Horticulture Scholarship: Nancy Mackey

Garden Club of Youngstown Scholarship: Krystal Sundberg

Alumni Insurance Studies Scholarship: Brianne Laabs

Independent Insurance Agents of Trumbull Scholarship: Elizabeth Wassel

National Interstate Insurance Company Scholarship: Zachary Robles

Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio Inc.: Brianne Laabs, Joshua Post, Elizabeth Wassel

Westfield Insurance Scholarship: Jennifer Buck, Angela Maroni, Michele Quinn

G.E.M. Young Insurance Scholarship: Joshua Post

Students who received James and Coralie Centofanti scholarships with Joe Centofanti (center)James and Coralie Centofanti Nursing Scholarship: Andrew Arcuragi, Molly Dennison, Emily Ehrenber, Alexa Tkacik

James and Coralie Centofanti Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Scholarship/Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology: Heather Lude, Taylor Whitworth

James & Coralie Centofanti Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Scholarship/Bachelor’s Degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences: Jacqueline Cheng, Mariebeth Knott

Academic Awards

Outstanding Student in Business: Marshall Somerville

Outstanding Students in Computer Technology: Zachary Cino, Craig Vernon

Outstanding Student in Insurance Studies: Michele Quinn

Outstanding Students in Communication – Public Speaking: Bethany Kholos, Russell McLaughlin, Vincent Vivo

Outstanding Student in Spanish and French: Dylan Erdel

Outstanding Students in Early Childhood Education Technology: Jennifer Packey, Rachel Wilson

Outstanding Students in Early Childhood Education: Taylor Ward, Lindsey Stewart

Outstanding Student in English: Aarika Denton

Arthur E. Dubois Critical Writing Award: Leanne Strawn

Outstanding Writing Tutor: Jonathon McCann

Outstanding Rural Scholars Program Mentors: Cassidy Bilsky, Holly DeLucia

Human Services Intern of Excellence Award: Michele Polen

Outstanding Student in Psychological Research: Dianah Fabry

Outstanding Students in Psychological Sciences: Paulette Bell, Cody Geer, Rebecca Little

Outstanding Students in Horticulture: Nancy Mackey, Claire Smith, Kevin Wegendt

Nursing students recognized for academic and leadership excellence with Lorene Martin and Mary Lou FerrantoOutstanding Academic Excellence in Nursing/Seniors: Ryan Haupt, Caitlyn Seskey

Outstanding Academic Excellence in Nursing/Juniors: Jason Minard, Delores Smith, Alyson Zimbardi

Outstanding Clinical Performance in Nursing: Mackenzie Mulligan

Outstanding Leadership Performance in Nursing: Caitlyn Coler, Ashley Mesmer

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology Academic Excellence: Jacqueline Cheng

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology Clinical Excellence: Jacqueline Cheng

Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Radiologic Technology: Avery Wilson

Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Clinical Excellence in Radiologic Technology: Holly Graham

Special Recognition

Undergraduate Research: Steven Baker, Amber Biser, Renee Burnett, Holly DeLucia, Donald Larabee, Lindsey Rice

Spring 2016 President’s List: Gina Addicott, Sarah Baker, Amber Biser, Jacqueline Cheng, Morgan Coler, Emily Ehrenberg, Dylan Erdel, Nicole King, Emily Lenahan, Brittany Madison, Jonathon McCann, Michelle Santini, Brandi Stepp

Fall 2016 President’s List: Alexa Bruderly, Jacqueline Cheng, Holly DeLucia, Jared Fielden, Lucy Golden, Holly Graham, Dillon Land, Jonathon McCann, Ciara Oslin, Caitlyn Seskey, Jessica Seydlorsky, Claire Smith, David Wise

Friends of the Campus Award: BOC Water Hydraulics, Inc.

Outstanding Faculty Member: Dr. Rachael Blasiman

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member: James Wurster

Outstanding Staff Member: Patty Ruehle

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