Kent State Salem Honors Students, Staff, Faculty, Community

Top Students Recognized at Kent State Salem Event

Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual Student Awards Ceremony, as well as faculty, staff and community members.

The awards and recipients are:

Scholarship Awards
Kent State Salem Advisory Board Scholarship:  
  • Holly Delucia
  • Sierra Petrella
  • Lindsey Stewart
Kent State Alumni Scholarship:
  • Betty Richey
Donna J. Sedzmak Student Survivor & Caregiver Scholarship:
  • David Shafer
Joseph P. and Donna Sedzmak Accounting & Business Scholarship:
  • Branson Wilms
Mary Byers Howett Scholarship:
  • Carlie Norris
Accounting Scholarship:
  • Lucas Tolson
Joyce and Tom Butts Scholarship:
  • Justin Schuster
Courtney Family Scholarship:
  • Norman Ritchie
  • Tyler Stratton
  • Samantha Telshaw
Dr. James Cooney Endowed Scholarship:
  • Belinda Puchajda
John E. Roncone Scholarship:
  • Joshua Meredith
Mitch’s Live Your Dream Scholarship:
  • Anna Detoro
Davey Tree Expert Scholarship:
  • Claire Lukachick
  • Pam Sears
  • Ryan Smith
Turfscape Inc. Horticulture Scholarship:
  • Nancy Mackey
Garden Club of Youngstown Scholarship:
  • Samantha Keshock
Alumni Insurance Studies Scholarship:
  • Juliana Jenkins
  • Brianne Laabs
Independent Insurance Agents of Trumbull Scholarship:
  • Joshua Post
National Interstate Insurance Scholarship:
  • Kaitlyn Mick
Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio Inc.:
  • Jennifer Buck
  • Juliana Jenkins
  • Michele Quinn
Westfield Insurance Scholarship:
  • Jennifer Buck
  • Brianne Laabs
  • Joshua Post
  • Michele Quinn
  • Kody Weinstock
James and Coralie Centofanti Nursing Scholarship:
  • Austin Jeffers
  • Carolyn Parker
  • Delores Smith
  • Ciara Williams
James and Coralie Centofanti Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Scholarship:
  • Sara Beagle
  • Amber Biser
  • Jacqueline Cheng

Academic Awards

Outstanding Student in Accounting:
  • Lucas Tolson
Outstanding Students in Business:
  • Robert Fox
Outstanding Student in Computer Technology:
  • Austin Fossesca
Outstanding Student in Insurance Studies:
  • Jennifer Buck
Outstanding Students in Communication – Public Speaking:
  • Gina Addicot
  • Marshall Somerville
  • Gregory Thomas
Outstanding Student in Early Childhood Education (BSE):
  • Chelsea Minnich
  • Erin Newburn
Outstanding Student in Early Childhood Education (AAS):
  • Taylor Brown
  • Jordin Jackman
Outstanding Students in English:
  • Joseph Pritchard
Engleman Creative Writing Award:
  • Derek Shasteen
Writing Program Committee and Bedford/St. Martin’s Writing Contest Tier 1:
  • Michelle Santini
Writing Program Committee and Bedford/St. Martin’s Writing Contest Tier 2:
  • Jonathon McCann
Outstanding Writing Tutor:
  • Dianah Fabry
Outstanding Rural Scholars Program Mentors:
  • Austin Cope 
  • Madilyn Dowling
Human Services Intern of Excellence Award:
  • Megan Bennett
Outstanding Student in Psychological Research:
  • Donald Larabee
Outstanding Student in Psychological Sciences:
  • Darrian Cannon
Outstanding Academic Excellence in Nursing:
  • Joshua Jones
  • Jessica Seydlorsky
  • Paige Travis
Outstanding Clinical Performance in Nursing:
  • Austin Jeffers
  • Jennifer McHugh
  • Carolyn Parker
Joint Review Committee on Radiologic Technology Academic Excellence Award:
  • Candice Dickson
Joint Review Committee on Radiologic Technology Clinical Excellence Award:
  • Sarah Reich
Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence:
  • Dillon Land
Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Clinical Excellence:
  • Jacqueline Cheng


Undergraduate Research:
  • Ashley Algarin
  • Amber Biser
  • Michelle Rogerson
  • Krystee Vang
Spring 2015 President’s List:
  • Charles Amschel
  • Madison Capito
  • Dylan Erdel
  • Morgan Sciarini
  • Katelyn Shipley
  • Zarah Strong
  • Misty Williamson
  • Rachel Zink
Fall 2015 President’s List:
  • Gina Addicott
  • Amber Biser
  • Courtney Carlier
  • Jacqueline Cheng
  • Morgan Coler
  • Molly Davidson
  • Holly Delucia
  • Candace Hernandez
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Ember Knapp
  • Erica Kotel
  • Heidi Middleton
  • Ciara Oslin
  • Paige Travis
  • Misty Williamson
  • Alana Woodard
2015-16 Student Government Organization:
  • Beth Beverly, president
  • Devyn Rothbrust, vice president
  • Nancy Mackey, secretary.
Friends of the Campus Award:
  • Carol Straub
Outstanding Faculty Member:
  • Dr. Louise Steele
Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member:
  • Dr. Daniel Dankovich
Outstanding Staff Member:
  • Maegan Richards


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