Kent State Salem Recognizes Outstanding Students

Kent State University at Salem Awards Banquet 2014

Salem – Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual Student Awards Ceremony.

Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, their families and several faculty members, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university. 

“Earning a college degree and being a successful student takes a great deal of support from family and friends,” he said. “Thank you for being that support to these students. We, too, are committed to supporting students. Tonight, we see the results of hard work, dedication and that strong support.”

The awards and recipients are:

Scholarship Awards
  • Kent State Salem Advisory Board Scholarship:  Elizabeth Miller
  • Kent State Alumni Scholarship: Emily Conrad
  • Alumni Insurance Studies Scholarship: Lisa Hardin-Kesseg, Michele Quinn
  • Courtney Family Scholarship: Samantha Keshock, Kallie Rogers
  • Davey Tree Expert Scholarship: Charles Amschel, Nancy Mackey
  • Joseph P. and Donna Sedzmak Accounting & Business Scholarship: Clint Whitehair
  • Donna J. Sedzmak Student Survivor & Caregiver Scholarship: Madison Capito
  • Dr. James Cooney Endowed Scholarship: Debbie Shaw-Batchelor
  • Home Savings & Loan Scholarship for Business: Katelyn Moore, Michele Quinn
  • John Roncone Scholarship for Computer Technology: Breanna McCreary
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Trumbull Scholarship: Katelyn Moore
  • Mary Byers Howett Scholarship: Rachel Utsinger
  • National Interstate Insurance Scholarship: Robert Fox III
  • Professional Independent Agents Association: Lisa Hardin-Kesseg, Katelyn Moore, Michele Quinn
  • Richard T. Cunningham Scholarship: Joseph Pritchard
  • Westfield Insurance Studies Scholarship: Aaron Halls, Michele Quinn, Katelyn Moore
Academic Awards
  • Outstanding Students in Business: Brooke Duffy, Kallie Rogers, Lincoln Woofter
  • Outstanding Student in Choir: Rachel Hudson
  • Outstanding Public Speaking Award: Justin Allen, Anna Detoro, Scott Glosser, Alexis Winkle
  • Outstanding Students in Early Childhood Education: Cynthia Cross, Erin Newburn, Ryan Powell, Lindsey Stewart, Abigail Walkama
  • Outstanding Students in Horticulture: Charles Amschel, Nick Avila, Emily Conrad, Michael Hannebique, Joseph Kelly, Nancy Mackey, Kurtis Magnello, Jonathon Malish, Tina McKendry, Kim Merrick, Phyllis Miles, Ryan Smith, Craig Stout, Kevin Wegendt
  • Outstanding Students in Psychology: Kayla Farnsworth, Jocelyn Rockhold, Kayla Stoot
  • Human Services Advocacy Award: Desiree McDevitt
  • Human Services Intern of Excellence Award: Ryan O’Donnell, Jarred Walker
  • Undergraduate Research: Nick Baronzzi, Emily Brain, Mathew Duck, Allison Edie, Trent Frederick, Dannielle Hendershot, Brittany Jarrett, Kayla Jenkins, Amy Johnston, Kathlena Lattanzio, Gregory Lowe, Elizabeth Miller, Chelsea Minnich, Mike Rockhold, Nick Tarolli, Brianne Wagner, Kelly Waller, Winter Weyand, Casey Yourex, Christy Ziegler
  • Honors Scholarship Recipients: Amber Biser, Hannah Duncan, Rebecca Haag, Caleb Huffman, Elizabeth Johnson, Meredith Polen, Hannah Smith, Clint Whitehair, Melissa Willis, Sara Yurcho
Nursing Awards
  • Outstanding Senior Clinical Performance: Roxanne Bowers, Brittany Frank, Randall Ludzwiczak, Mariah Rast, Stacy Richardson
  • Outstanding Senior Academic Performance: Brianne Jackson, Abigail Schuler, Richelle VanKirk
  • Outstanding Junior Clinical Performance: Mathew Duck, Kara Noble, Leah Wilson
  • Outstanding Junior Academic Performance: Brindusa Aldea, Kimberly Baker-Stowe, Marsha Smith
  • Outstanding Sophomore Academic Performance: Hannah Duncan, Jennifer McHugh
  • Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring: Michele Murphy
  • Outstanding Junior Leadership: Kelly Waller
  • Outstanding Sophomore Leadership: Sheila Daniels, Stacia Demuysere, Tommi Haidet, Kiera Malick, Adam Shonce
  • Outstanding Leadership in Transcultural Nursing: Sabrina Christofaris, Alica Fata, Brandon Floor, Brittany Frank, Brittany Gisler, Kelly Waller
Radiologic Technology Awards
  • Roy Bell Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Brandy Ogg
  • Roy Bell Memorial Scholarship for Clinical Excellence: Amanda Hershberger
  • The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology for Outstanding Performance: Gregory Lowe
  • Clinical Excellence at Alliance Community Hospital: Keith Mogus
  • Clinical Excellence at East Liverpool City Hospital: Gregory Lowe
  • Clinical Excellence at Robinson Memorial Hospital: Brandon Arnett
  • Clinical Excellence at Salem Regional Medical Center: Chelsea Boley
  • Clinical Excellence at St. Elizabeth Health Center-Boardman: Carly Cunningham
  • Clinical Excellence at St. Elizabeth Health Center-Youngstown: Alexandra Petrelis
  • Clinical Excellence at St. Joseph Health Center: Alina Kozlowski, Elizabeth Palumbo
  • Clinical Excellence at Trumbull Memorial Hospital: Michelle Michael
  • Undergraduate Research: Nick Baronzzi, Emily Brain, Mathew Duck, Allison Edie, Trent Frederick, Dannielle Hendershot, Brittany Jarrett, Kayla Jenkins, Amy Johnson, Kathlena Lattanzio, Gregory Lowe, Elizabeth Miller, Chelsea Minnich, Mike Rockhold, Nick Tarolli, Brianne Wagner, Kelly Waller, Winter Weyand, Casey Yourex, Christy Zeigler
  • Spring 2013 President’s List: Alison Blanchard, Morgan Chaney, Stephanie Halfhill, Linda Jackson, Kaylie Lewis, Pamela McIlvain, Brianne Miller, Alauna Pavlina, Joseph Petcovic, Ryan Powell, Reagan Rito, Shonda Shannon, Elizabeth Teague
  • Fall 2013 President’s List: Kimberly Baker-Stowe, Emily Brain, Kerry Crum, Scott Dickey, Brooke Duffy, Jamie Gishbaugher, Rebecca Haag, Amanda Hershberger, Angela Maroni, Breanna McCreary, Rebekah McIntosh, Pamela McIlvain, Kayleigh Miller, Luke Nappi, Jessica Noble, Brandy Ogg, Elizabeth Palumbo, Nicole Rodemoyer, Kallie Rogers, Charles Sholea, Lindsey Stewart, Donald Trummer, Misty Williamson
  • 2013-14 Student Government Organization: Michael Bentfeld, president; Elizabeth Miller, vice president; Lavonda Wheeler, secretary; Michele Rober, treasurer.


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