Kent State Salem Students Take Home Top English Awards

Two students from the Kent State Salem Campus were recently recognized by Kent State University’s English Department through its Tier I and Tier II composition contests. 

Kimberly Redmond

Kimberly Redmond earned a first-place award in the Tier II competition for her research essay entitled “Suicide Prevention: Are We Doing Enough? She is a junior in the nursing program on the Salem Campus and wrote the essay on assignment from Dr. Barbara George, assistant professor of English at Kent State Salem.

Redmond shared that she hopes to work in psychiatric nursing following graduation and to eventually continue her education to earn master’s degrees so that she can one day work on healthcare reform for better mental health screenings and treatments in clinical settings.

“I worked meticulously to present the best research possible on a topic that I am extremely passionate about, so winning this award means a great deal to me,” she said. “It shows that all my hard work has been acknowledged and appreciated. Winning this award has also solidified that I am on the right track to accomplish my future career goals, making me that much more eager to reach them.”

Lauren Meadows

Lauren Meadows earned a third-place award in the Tier II competition for a narrative essay entitled “Three-Year Old Memories.” She is a student of James Winter, associate professor of English on the Kent State Salem Campus.

Meadows is a College Credit Plus student attending Kent State as a junior through Field High School in Mogadore. She said that, following graduation from high school in 2022, she plans to attend college to study English, business management or a specialized education. 

“I am honored to have placed in this writing contest,” she said. “By still being in high school, it is rewarding to have my work chosen from many submissions by college-aged students. It proves to me that the hard work I put into my writing really does pay off.”

The Kent State Salem students’ works were judged against submissions from students representing all of Kent State’s campuses.

Photo A: Kimberly Redmond
Photo B: Lauren Meadows

POSTED: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 11:54 AM
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 23, 2024 06:23 AM