OT Students Create Sensory Boxes for Local Elementary Students

OTA students show off their sensory shoe boxes


Using plastic shoe boxes, second-year occupational therapy assistant students created unique teaching tools that were donated to elementary classrooms in the East Liverpool City Schools district.

Sorting and counting
The OTA students were each tasked to design an activity that addresses skills such as sorting, matching, placing and basic assembly and that can be used by children from kindergarten through the fourth grade.

OTA Program Director Kathy Swoboda explained that the shoe box tasks may include a sensory component, each is designed to incorporate the basic of the TEACCH method: Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Handicapped Children.

Sharpening fine motor skills

“These foundational skills promote student success in the academic setting by improving fine motor coordination, sequencing, following directions and task completion,” she noted. 

In addition to creating the shoe box activity, each OTA student must provide step-by-step instructions for using the box; a brief activity analysis with grading instructions to meet the student performance levels (making the task easier or more difficult); and a complete summary to educate others on the therapeutic benefits to the student using the box.

Cutline A: Showing off their sensory shoe boxes are OTA students (first row, from left) Heidi Herman, Breanna Pawlowski, Aurora Leguard; (second row, from left) Mackenzie Sturgeon, Chelsea Freshwater, Arleigha Gaudio; (third row, from left) Autumn Moninger, Khaylah Brown; and (fourth row, from left) Veronica Keenan, Matisyn Joseph

Cutline B: Sorting and counting

Cutline C: Sharpening fine motor skills

POSTED: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 11:48 AM
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