Salem Students Keep Busy with Observances

National Radiologic Technology Week is held each November to recognize the date that Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray, which was Nov. 8, 1895. The annual observation helps promote the important role that medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in providing quality patient care and a safe healthcare environment.

To help commemorate this week, rad tech faculty and students from the Salem Campus bagged 690 bags of corn, for a total of 3,657 pounds of fresh produce to be distributed through the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The students also participated in a series of competitions that included the annual Quiz Bowl, informational exhibits and posters that were displayed at clinical sites. The students compete as teams, based on their clinical site placements.

Additionally, the Rad Tech program recognizes outstanding individuals through scholarship presentations.


First Place: the team of Allyson Buchert, Cameron Drotos, Zach Fry, Michael Laubacher, Lauren Sawdey and Trey Sommers, from UH Portage Medical Center

Second Place: the team of Madison Berta, Robert Buck, Meredith Dawson and Kaitlyn Stock

First place Quiz Bowl team members

Second place Quiz Bowl team members


First Year Students: Gabtielle Arquilla, Rachael DiFrancesco and Rachael Moore for their “Imaging of the Spine” exhibit at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital

Second Year Students: Maggie Coblentz and Heidi Hauck for their exhibit at Trumbull Regional Medical Center


First Place: the team of Cameron Drotos, Zach Fry, Michael Laubacher and Trey Sommers for their poster (How About DaT Scan?) at UH Portage Medical Center

Second Place: the team of Bryanna Morris, Brenna Rito and Kate Yeagley for their poster (Cure Breast Cancer) at Salem Regional Medical Center


  • Brittany Christmas, second year student
  • Kacian Hamilton, first year student


  • Brenna Rito, Clinical Excellence Award
  • Michael Laubacher, Academic Excellence Award

Cutline A: Students and faculty who bagged corn for the Second Harvest Food Bank were (front, from left) Allison Sunderman, Halee Allen, Molli Peroglio, Samantha Michael; and (back, from left) Rachel Moore, Rachael DiFrancesco, Gabrielle Arquilla, Judy Miller, Madison Smith, Margie Iagulli, Jan Gibson.

Cutline B: First place Quiz Bowl team members were (front, from left) Allyson Buchert, Lauren Sawdey; (back, from left) Zach Fry, Trey Sommers, Cameron Drotos, Michael Laubacher.

Cutline C: Second place Quiz Bowl team members were (from left) Robert Buck, Kaitlyn Stock, Madison Berta and Meredith Dawson.

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