Scholarship Reception Honors Top Students

Kent State East Liverpool Students Awarded Scholarships

Kent State University at East Liverpool recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual scholarship reception.

Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, their families, donors and faculty members, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university.

“Earning a college degree and being a successful student takes a great deal of support from family and friends,” he said. “Tonight, we see the results of hard work, dedication and that strong support. Each award and recognition is a reason to celebrate and we have a lot to celebrate tonight.”

The scholarships and recipients are:

            Honors Scholars: Anna Guildoo, Shannon Henrich and Jared Shilot

            Pottertown Foundation (Odd Fellows) Scholarship: Alexander Bean, Emma Fabbro and Sierriah Smith

            Rutledge Scholarship: Andrew Arcuragi

            Rutledge Diversity Scholarship: Carl W. McDermott III and James Yeske

            Norman I. Mayer Nursing Scholarship: Jillian Bergert, Hilary Carnes and Carissa Griffith

            Rachael Boyce-Lang Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Daniel, Irene Kiser, Makayla Mays, Sherrill McKinnon and Jessica Tice

            Friends of the East Liverpool Campus Scholarship: Mairana Bonish, Destiny Hissom, Stefanie Masters, Caitlyn Seskey and Janet Smith

            Home Savings & Loan Co. Scholarship: Jack Allen and Jacob Smith

             David T. Mason Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Katelyn Carter, Mallory Jackson and Toni Potts

            Blue Sky-Amy E. Reed Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Shelley

            Gus Markanton Memorial Scholarship: Phillip Beohm, Brittany Caldwell and Kendra Snatchko

            Dr. John W. Hayes Nursing Scholarship: Danielle Hoyt, Janet Jackson, Christine Moye, Jamie Porter and Doug Richards

            East Liverpool City Schools Scholarship: Melissa Davis

            Larry, Donna and Ashley Kannal Nursing Scholarship: Robert Porter

            East Liverpool Campus 50th Anniversary Scholarship: Elijah Ross

            East Liverpool Access Scholarship: Jay Cargnel, Jessica McNinch and Jacob Smith

            Opportunity Scholarships: Josephine Lee, Jocelyn Joseph, Lexus Ammon, Ciara Frank, Andreea Lang, Megan Grey, Ronald Miller, Marilou Vassar, Tayla Bott, Brittany Tice, Angelica Scarabino, Matthew Chamberlain, Tyler Daniels, Ashley Steineman, Jonathan Tomlinson, Taylor Myers, Megan Bennett, Jennifer Fortney, Melinda Mayer, Staci Jobe, Kimberly Sposetta, Brittany McKnight, Jacqueline Johnson, Amanda Duckworth, Frank Bowen, Kaileigh Kistler, Zach Bean, Samantha Caldwell, Robin Pinsoneault, Danielle Hoyt, Matthew Davidson, Marlene Helsel, Alexandra Galvez, Brittany Geary. Alexandria Smith, Nikki Cvengross, Jamie Rutledge, Mollie Wherry, Renee Burnett, Abby Hintz, Elijah Ross, Kristie McNabb, Laura Fink, Shannon Simmons, Breanna Hull, Colby Westman, Lisa Antonucci, Macayla Macklin, Jordan Wilson, Patricia Farnsworth, Casey Griffith, Emily Smith, Zachary Talbott, Alycia Nicholson, Emma Fabbro, Sierriah Smith, Alexander Bean, Cheyenne Corbin, Christopher Harris, Ashley Joy, Mallory Keyes, Noah Roberts, Zachary Myers, Brooke Quinn, Kathie Cataldo, Mark Kovalcik, Tracey Direnzo, Mohamed Abouamra, Sonya Carter, Melissa Cave, Renee Flinn, Ryan Greier, Tawnya Michael, Carolyn Parker and Leah Haustman.           

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Photo Caption:
Recognized at the Kent State East Liverpool scholarship reception were (front, from left) Janet Smith, Shannon Henrich, Brittany Caldwell, Toni Potts, Emma Fabbro, Rachel Daniel, Caitlyn Seskey, Stefanie Masters, Melissa Cave and Kendra Snatchko; and (back, from left) Andrew Arcuragi, Samantha Caldwell, Alexandria Galvez, Andreea Lang, Tracey Direnzo, Jay Cargnel, Jack Allen, Jared Shilot, Dr. Steve Nameth (dean), Sonya Carter, Megan Bennett, Ashley Shelley, Breanna Hull and Tawnya Michael.

POSTED: Friday, October 09, 2015 04:55 PM
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