Spring 2022 Campus Update from Dean Dees

Looking at the calendar, I realize that a change of seasons is upon us. After another long, cold, snowy winter, we can feel spring peeking around the corner and we welcome the change!

As an educator, I love fall and the excitement of returning to the classroom after summer break because there is always an energy that surrounds our campus as we learn, create, discover and explore together. But, I also love spring on our campuses.

Spring is generally viewed as a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and a time of awakening; however, in the world of higher education, each spring marks the end of an academic year and/or the culmination of long journeys for some. Ironically, the “endings” that occur each spring on our campuses also mark beginnings worth celebrating.

We celebrate the graduates receiving their diplomas after years of hard work and who are about to embark on careers that will help change our world. We celebrate the students being recognized for their academic success with awards and scholarships and who are inspired to continue setting lofty goals. We celebrate faculty and staff retiring after years of dedicated service to our students and campus and who are ready to begin a new phase of their lives.

With each change of season, lives change. The changes often bring new opportunities, new beginnings, new situations and even new challenges. As dean of the Kent State Salem and East Liverpool campuses, I always strive to prepare and empower others to make the most of changes and new beginnings.

We have dedicated faculty, staff and administrative employees who are committed to student success – all year long. They make me proud of their dedication and loyalty.

Over the next several months, voices from our campuses will be heard throughout the Kent State system as the university works to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the future. Our faculty and campus employees fully understand the value and importance of the regional campuses – especially of the Salem and East Liverpool campuses – to the overall success of Kent State University, and they are ready to share their ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

Colleges and universities are experiencing challenges like never before: a pandemic; shrinking population; economic woes; social strife; and changing job markets. I am confident; however, that the combined commitment of the Salem and East Liverpool campus personnel will define how we face these challenges and how we continue to impact the lives of our students.

I am also proud of the seemingly unending support we receive from our communities, alumni and friends of the campuses. Such support is absolutely critical to our success and is often the bridge needed to help students achieve their goals. I appreciate each of you and your vested interest in the Kent State Columbiana County campuses.

Dr. David Dees

Although the seasons may change, our commitment to student success remains constant. Enjoy your spring!

With thanks,

David M. Dees
Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
Kent State University at Salem and East Liverpool

POSTED: Thursday, March 3, 2022 04:16 PM
UPDATED: Monday, March 04, 2024 09:39 AM