Students Learn to Identify Common Tree Species, Create Tree Inventory

In observance of Arbor Day, students and faculty from the horticulture program on the Kent State Salem Campus recently completed a project that created an inventory of the common tree species found on campus grounds.

The students used a variety of tools to accurately identify each tree species and record their locations on a map of the campus. Using GPS through Google Maps, the exact location of each tree was pinned using the common name to research each tree’s scientific name, its purpose, type and a picture with identifying features to create a key for the map.

According to Dr. Sheren Farag, horticulture program director and assistant professor, the most common tree species on the campus are oaks, maples, flowering dogwoods, American linden and river birch. Students also discovered several less common species such as the yellow buckeye, grey elder and Oregon crab apple.

Students worked with Farag for more than six months on this project which highlights the importance of creating a tree inventory, as well as the need to develop skills in tree identification for maintaining and preserving the campus environment.

“Moreover, the students explored the social and personal benefits of trees on campus and found that the presence of trees had a positive impact on the mental and physical health of the students and staff, as well as on the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus,” Farag noted. “By understanding the environmental impact and personal benefits of trees, the Salem Campus community can better appreciate and care for the trees on campus and make informed decisions about future planting and maintenance efforts.”

Cutline: Showing the posters that highlight the tree inventory are from left Gus Holman, Dr. Sheren Farag, Krystibrea Torres, Chris Weeden, Militca Denee, Jennifer Stokes, Alicia Costello, Jessica Palo, Owen Conway, Fred Hausser and Dr. Sarah Eichler


POSTED: Tuesday, May 2, 2023 02:03 PM
Updated: Tuesday, May 9, 2023 03:31 PM