Kent State Salem Recognizes Outstanding Students

Salem – Kent State University at Salem recognized the academic achievements of several students during its annual Student Awards Ceremony. 
Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, their families and several faculty members, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university. 

“Earning a college degree and being a successful student takes a great deal of support from family and friends,” he said. “Tonight, we see the results of hard work, dedication and that strong support. Each award and recognition is a reason to celebrate and we have a lot to celebrate tonight.”

The awards and recipients are:
Scholarship Awards
  • Kent State Salem Advisory Board Scholarship:  Charmi Patel
  • Kent State Alumni Scholarship: Carolyn Parker
  • Donna J. Sedzmak Student Survivor & Caregiver Scholarship: Leah Haustman
  • Joseph P. and Donna Sedzmak Accounting & Business Scholarship: Joshua Post
  • Mary Byers Howett Scholarship: Serena Biddle
  • Davey Tree Expert Scholarship: Anna Detoro, Samantha Keshock, Nancy Mackey, Devyn Rothbrust
  • Salem Accounting Scholarship: Madison Estock
  • Home Savings & Loan Scholarship for Business: Michael Tompkins
  • JA & MTB Scholarship: Megan Kibler
  • Courtney Family Scholarship: Abigail Kalaher
  • Dr. James Cooney Endowed Scholarship: Sara Zura
  • John Roncone Scholarship for Computer Technology: Matthew Surmaceviz
  • Alumni Insurance Studies Scholarship: Lisa Kesseg, Brianne Laabs, Lucretia Wiley
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Trumbull Scholarship: William Harrison
  • National Interstate Insurance Scholarship: Michele Quinn
  • Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio Inc.: Branton Duncan, Shana Hahn, Robin Kovacs, Michele Quinn
  • Westfield Insurance Studies Scholarship: Jennifer Buck, Lauren Reynolds
Academic Awards
  • Outstanding Student in Accounting: Clint Whitehair
  • Outstanding Students in Business Management Technology: Shonda Shannon
  • Outstanding Student in Computer Technology: George McDowell
  • Outstanding Student in Insurance Studies: Michele Quinn
  • Outstanding Student in Technical and Applied Studies: Ayrek Howard
  • Outstanding Student in Communication – Public Speaking: Cody Freeland
  • Outstanding Student in Early Childhood Education: Sara Saverko
  • Outstanding Students in English: Stephanie Baker, Ian Chandler
  • Outstanding Students in Writing: Meagan Kirkwood, Hannah Roberts
  • Outstanding Student in Horticulture: Charles Amschel
  • Human Services Intern of Excellence Award: Ashley Begue, Alicia Staley
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Honors Program: Melissa Willis
  • Outstanding Peer Tutor: Benjamin Edmisten
  • Outstanding Nursing Academic Excellence: Brindusa Aldea
  • Outstanding Nursing Clinical Performance: Tommi Haidet
  • Outstanding Leadership in Nursing: Shelia Daniels
  • Outstanding Student in Psychology Research: Corrie Romesburg
  • Outstanding Student in Psychological Sciences: Kathlena Lattanzio
  • Joint Review Committee on Radiologic Technology Academic Excellence Award: Brandy Ogg
  • Joint Review Committee on Radiologic Technology Clinical Excellence Award: Amanda Hershberger
  • Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Kristen Zurcher
  • Roy E. Bell Memorial Scholarship for Clinical Excellence: Sarah Reich
  • Undergraduate Research: Cameron Brinker, Stacie Ciminelli, Caleb Huffman, Heidi Woolweave
  • Honors Scholarship Recipients: Lauren Baer, Amber Biser, Jacob Boles, Megan Daley, Gabrielle Doran, Hannah Duncan, Madison Estock, Rebecca Haag, Hannah Harsh, Jesse Johns, Katherine Miggo, Logan Moff, Julia Pitcock, Meredith Polen, Noelle Poole, Gabriella Stubbs, Heather Sutherin, Clint Whitehair, Melissa Willis, Sara Yurcho
Spring 2014 President’s List:

Paulette Bell, Thomas Burge, Monica Hall, Amanda Hershberger, Katelyn Houck, Tawnia Jenkins, Stacie McMannis, Kayleigh Miller, Kallie Rogers

Fall 2014 President’s List:

Paulette Bell, Amber Biser, Candice Dickson, Amanda Hershberger, Andrea Landis, Madison Malloy, Brandy Ogg, Sarah Reich, Zarah Strong, Misty Williamson, Katlyn Willison, Kristen Zurcher

2014-15 Student Government Organization:

Casey Yourex, president; Nick Altman, vice president; Beth Beverly, secretary; Rachel Smith, treasurer

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