Time Capsule Buried in Neighboring Library’s Wall


While crews worked to repair the retaining wall around the front lawn of the Carnegie Library, Kent State University’s East Liverpool Campus was invited to place a time capsule in the wall’s corner pillar, closest to the Mary Patterson Building.

Employees from the library earlier placed a time capsule in the opposite end of the wall and, as a good neighbor, invited Kent State to preserve a bit of its history in like manner. Kent State used PVC pipe, securely sealed, for its time capsule holding an assortment of photos, documents, logo items and a t-shirt.

Cutline: With the Kent State East Liverpool time capsule are Occupational Therapy Assistant students (front, from left) Megan Hyde, Melissa Queen, Baily Gortney, Brittany Hoops, Madeline Swickard, Lauren Wilson, Katelyn Canei; (middle, from left) Caitlynne Devore, Bethany Kholos, Kassandra Lipari, Haley Kirkbride, Kassidy Wint, Katelyn McKinney; (back, from left) Ryan Bost, Amy Pangino, Lydia Larson.